Mana From Heaven

“More good news!  (We are just full of it today!) “

Mana from Heaven …  A California family has adopted a puppy that fell from the sky and landed in their garden.  The grandson saw the 2 month old dog drop 30 feet from the claws of a hawk into their backyard.

The dog, believed to be a stray was badly hurt in the fall, but is now expected to make a full recovery under the care of his new owners.  When God drops a puppy from the sky, you just have to keep it.  Remember that the next time you are outside and it starts raining frogs!

Slow but sure … We are getting much closer to the 1.2 million hits on Creative Endeavors … Should happen in the next two weeks.

An Indian woman filed for divorce because her new husband took too long to change his Facebook relationship status to “married.”  The couple had been married only two months, but the wife her the husbands slowness to to update was most likely meaning he was cheating online which of course led to a breakdown in trust.

There is a snag however, the judge when hearing all of this denied the request for a divorce, and ordered the couple to undergo six months of counseling.

Good news, the telephone just rang and the doctor says ….. “It’s just a yeast infection!”  Uh huh, sure. (This is almost as much fun as looking for the hidden account number in my electric bill … One months free service if you find it)  Now-now, it is time to get serious about this here writin’ stuff.

Today two things are happening, that are somewhat important.

#1 Today is check your family tree day, that is unless your name is Bush, then you only get a half day. 

#2  Today is also Pick Your Neighbors Pocket Day, and let’s hope you get more than just lint.

Head of the line please.  China can go straight to the Treasury Department when buying government debt.  Since last summer the United States has allowed the Peoples Bank of China  which now holds something like $1.17 trillion of our debt to bypass major Wall Street banks when purchasing our treasuries.  No other central bank has similar access.

Everyone rob the coffee can on top of the refrigerator and get all that loose change together, America it seems is on sale!

Canadian youth are threatening to riot in the streets unless they get a bigger share of the pie.  “The state owns it all … And we want our share!” is the rallying cry from up North.  Good luck on that.  If you think Government is your friend, then seek out any Native American Indian and ask HIM about it.  The best policy always behave like a duck, keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath.  Most of us however prefer the “head in the sand” approach to all this. When it comes to government intrusion in your life the best stance is to take the attitude of the duck, not the stance of a Ostrich.  So much for today’s science lesson on bird behavior.

More good news!  (We are just full of it today!)

Three new Apps were announced recently for reducing your phone’s battery use.  JuiceDefender is an app that helps you get more out of your Android phone battery.  Advanced Task Killer shows you a list of apps that are currently running.  Timeriffic allows you to set up a schedule for your phones functions.

Here is a novel idea …. Just turn it off.

McDonald’s and WalMart aren’t the only employers who hire from the cradle to the grave.  One in nine American men over the age of 75 are now working.  More than a third of men ages 65 to 69 now hold jobs, as do more than a quarter of women that age.  The economic meltdown is fueling the unprecedented growth of senior workers, many of whom lost big chunks of the retirement savings or home values.  In the economy our President says that is “doing just fine.”

Money may not buy happiness, but I ‘d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a city bus.

See you in the funny papers ….