Current Conditions

Oklahoma Dirt Road

“I try my best to understand her current condition, which is quite frankly, often beyond me … “

The wife is stomping around the house and she is not happy.  What is that old expression?  “If Mama aint happy … No one is happy?”  The dog, who has seen all of this before, knows it is a good time to go outside.  She walks to the back of the kitchen, whines and scratches at the door jamb, I let her out.

At least she can go outside, I have to stay right here.

Again my bride makes another quick pass thru the kitchen, she is on a mission, a self-induced tirade of sorts.  Clearly agitated and somewhat bent out of shape, I give her free reign at the refrigerator and allow her to pass.

Not always being the sharpest knife in the drawer I am able to figure out all by myself, that the weather is playing an important part of this scenario.  She keeps muttering something about “30% chance of thunderstorms, I had this to do, I wanted to do that, and now they are telling me a 30% chance of thunderstorms?”

Funny, how something as trivial as the weather, can lead to a life trigger on a somewhat non-de-scrip day in Oklahoma.

I try my best to understand her current condition, which is quite frankly, often beyond me, slowly I approach her (this is always the best route to take, a slow cautious, somewhat careful approach) a technique I learned during the PMS days.  Which if you are a man, stands for “Pack My Suitcase! 

I look at her and say gently …. “Hon, a 30% chance of rain, is also a 70% chance of sunshine.”

This works, she calms down a little, let’s it soak in and then says …. “Yeah, right.”

It is not often easy being the keeper of the community sanity in my neck of the woods, it is a tough job, but someone has to do it.  Attack the problem, with a take no prisoners attitude often works quite well too.  And then, there is always the old drop to the floor and play dead routine.  But that seldom works, she is wise to that one after some thirty-years of marriage.

I walk over to the cabinet, fetch me a empty cup and head for the coffee maker.  Much like the dog, I know it is best to get outside, fresh cup of Joe in my hand, I head for my shop.  Checking the sky, there isn’t a cloud in sight … It is going to be a good, good day.


Photo Credit:  Tau Zero  Good Stuff Check It Out.