​I Don’t Know

Three little words in the English language that can mean a great deal.

I Don’t Know.

I don’t know why girls that are incredibly good looking, get tattoo’s.
I don’t know why they put realistic doorbell sounds in commercials and wake me up.
I don’t know why I have to wait for a green arrow, when there is no traffic approaching.
I don’t know why it is that I bought a bus.
I don’t know how to fix a lot of items on that bus.

I don’t know how a black cow, can eat green grass, and give white milk.
I don’t know why my kids can never buy me a meal, I have fed them all my life.
I don’t know why Ramco wants two-grand for new chrome plated mirrors on my bus.
I don’t know why parts guys can’t give me a straight answer instead of made up stuff.

I don’t know why a kid would pierce his lips, eyes and face.
I don’t know where space starts.
I don’t know where space ends.
I don’t know why a Vegas blackjack dealer seems to always win.

I don’t know why diesel in the ground goes up in price over night.
I don’t know why Viagra works, but then again, who cares?
I don’t know why you can seldom find good information on bus conversion boards.
I don’t know why I make a bet with my wife, when she loses, she never pays up.
I don’t know why cellphones are all that great.
I don’t know why when you drop a tool, it rolls underneath to the exact center of the bus.

If you have ever wondered if your children have brain damage, there is a simple test.  When you find them really messing up things and you ask them “Why did you do this?”  If they answer “I don’t know.”  They have brain damage (by the way, our kids were loaded with it).

I don’t know why I hate DiscoverCard commercials but I do.
I don’t know who invented rap music, but I would like to talk to them about it.
I don’t know who won the war on drugs, but it wasn’t us.
I don’t know why a kid would buy already worn out Levi’s for $150 each.

I don’t know why my wife loves me but she says she does.
I don’t know why it is always MY LANE that is shut down in 1,500 feet.
I don’t know why everyone else won’t let me over.
I don’t know why Dial soap works but I am glad it makes me smell better.

I don’t know why my dad would look at me when I was a young kid, shake his head, and then say to my mother …. I just don’t know about that kid.  When I was small, I remember one thing about my Dad.  I would ask him a question, something simple like, “Where do Butterflies sleep at night.”

And bless his heart … He would always say … “I don’t know, go ask your Mother.”

Happy Fathers’ Day.


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4 thoughts on “​I Don’t Know

  1. I loved this post… Happy Dad’s Day my friend. Kick back and relax!


    • Ah, Fathers’ Day, the day we honor the guy that Mom divorced! Hah. No, we spent a quiet day together, just the two of us, and the kids did call and that was nice of course. Went for a drive, ate some BQ Ribs and just enjoyed the day.



  2. We have several of the “national” parts houses here in town, and if one remembers, there are a couple of ’em that still have guys behind the counter that are now in their 70’s and helping out part time.
    It means 15-20 minutes of extra time to drive to these places, but like your I Don’t Know statement about parts people’s answers, these ol’ Dudes will usually HAVE an answer for you and not have to look non-plussed for 30 seconds before they have to go to the computer to get you that answer!
    Granted, some of the stores do have the young guys/gals at the counter that HAVE taken the time to learn what they can where they can about vehicles such as your bus, and folks that have cars that are 30 to 40 years old; like me and the wife’s ’48 Chevrolet Streetrod. However, more then likely when one walks into the stores in my town, they’ll be kept at the counter for what seems forever ’til that counter person finally finds what he/she thinks the answer is in the computer that will satisfy said customer !


    • It is frustrating for me personally, I would rather have the salesperson just say “I don’t know” than feed me a line of BS that I just somehow know is not going to pan out.

      And yes you are right, buying or locating parts for an old hoopie that is close to 30 years old is often frustrating to say the very least. Most of the time the people you are dealing with have never heard of one, seen one, or have not a clue as to what you are trying to do.



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