Grandma’s Packing – Hammer Down

“Hell, anyone that has the amount of friends I have in this town, ought to be wearing a gun!”

Here lately, y’all have been sending me so many video’s of the whacko’s at WalMart, that it has effected my shopping habits.  Now when I am at WalMart, instead of looking for products, I find myself checking the store for freaks!  So it was kind of refreshing this week to have someone send me a picture of a WalMart shopper that is dressed appropriately for the day and age we live in.

Finally a picture of a WalMart shopper that knows how to dress for success.

This one is of a Texas Tan Line, it was sent to us this week and I also found it amusing.

While we are at it?  There was a guy in Kansas that was running for the office of sheriff and he lost the election by an overwhelming number of votes, in other words, they beat the pants off the guy.

The next day he was spotted walking down main-street with a sidearm clearly visible on his side.  His friend saw this and inquired of him, “Say Frank, you lost the election for sheriff, why are you wearing a gun?”  Frank looked him straight in the eye and then said, “Hell, anyone that has the amount of friends I have in this town, ought to be wearing a gun!”

Recently we reported that Texas was building a new toll road and the speed limit was proposed at 85MPH.  After some short reading yesterday it appears that this could be insufficient to meet the needs of the American driving public.

Authorities say a 28-year-old man in upstate New York has been charged with driving his motorcycle at nearly 200 mph on a highway in the rain.  I have never been able to figure out that one, almost every journalist or reporter will say “driving a motorcycle” when in reality, you RIDE a motorcycle, you do not drive it.

Anywho …. State police say a trooper clocked Anthony Anderson of Poughkeepsie driving at 193 mph around 8 p.m. Wednesday in the southbound lanes of Interstate 87 just south of Albany — the same stretch of road where another motorcyclist was spotted doing 166 mph earlier this month.

The trooper was able to get a description of the high-performance bike and alerted nearby patrols. (It just went by me, I think it was some fool driving a motorcycle!)  Troopers eventually stopped Anderson in the town of Rosendale. He told them he was headed to a hospital to visit a patient.

Anderson was issued 14 traffic tickets, including one for speeding.  It couldn’t be immediately determined if he had a lawyer (smart money says he will be needing one).

So Anderson visited his sick friend and got enough safe driving awards to wallpaper his bedroom and he did all of it at a speed considerably higher than 85mph.

Wait!  It gets better.

In Montana where a high percentage of the roads are posted with “drive at a speed that you consider safe and reasonable” (I am not making this up people, I have been there) they clocked a drunk driving … get this …134 mph!  They finally caught up with him in town (sitting there sipping a Bloody Mary at the stoplight I assume) and took him into custody.

He had no license, no insurance and this was or is going to be his third D.U.I..

Amazing how the country or society is changing, we routinely accept the insane as the norm now and we make no bones about it.  We had D.W.I. = Driving While Intoxicated, and then we moved to D.U.I. = Driving Under the Influence, and now we have D.W.Y. = Driving While Yaking (talking or texting on a cellphone).

Hark, the weekend quickly approaches … I am ready.  Here is something to help you form a mental image of what I will be doing this weekend.

You do your best to do the same.

If you happen to be out and about, motoring in our great country, get over in the slow lane and be sure to check your rear-view mirror … Often.

See you all on Monday.


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