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Yesterday I found myself a little bent out of shape, not in sync with the world as we know it, so I did not post anything.  I feel strongly that if you are not up to snuff, if you are down in the dumps, you should not write or as some say “share that with everyone else.”

It is not a good thing to drag down your readers with some poorly written missive designed with one purpose in mind, to ruin everyone’s day because your day just didn’t measure up.

So instead, I found myself doing some light reading and bouncing around from one site to another in a vain attempt to elevate my condition but it did not work.

During this process, I came across one blog (that in all fairness shall remain unnamed) and it was kind of a hoot.  It was one full page on “blogging advice or writing do’s and don’ts.”  It amazes me, people come online, and in the span of some six to nine months, they seem to think they have it all figured out?

I read thru this list of things you should and should not do in order to make your site or blog successful and I just kind of smiled to myself.

Here is a girl, who is recently graduated from college and writing her own blog for some nine months.  In that time, she has managed to garner 24,000 site views, which is sort of impressive, but far from qualifying as an “expert writer” with loads of experience.

Guess it takes all kinds to make a world eh?  Rest assured, we do not have all the answers here, we have dutifully tried just about every trick in the book to fire this sucker up, to generate the hits, to bring the comments.  We have dotted every “I” and crossed every “T” we have done everything that has suggested that we do.

And you know what?

Most of it did not work.  Regrettably we found out that no one, has all the right answers when it comes to blogging.  You just have to give it your best shot.  We still suit up every day and play the game (most of the time).  This is because we feel it is worthwhile, that it has some worth, and we believe it or not, enjoy it.

If that is what rows you boat in this big old wide world … then sit back and relax, you are in the right spot.

When Lynda Frederick posted a poem on her old high school”s Facebook page about he experiences as a bullying victim, she was just hoping to tell people how her life had improved some 25 years later.  But the 42-year old’s post was greeted by a flood of apologetic calls and messages from her former classmates, begging for the opportunity to make amends.  Now her class has raised $800 to fly this New Yorker out to California for a school reunion.

She says that she has forgiven her one time tormenters,

she said, “We can’t fix yesterday, but we can try to fix today.”

That is the message for today … Yesterday is no longer here, it is in the past, it is now just as hidden, as the future that we cannot see.  If you are sitting there trying to figure out all the answers instead of enjoying life, you are just spinning your wheels and going nowhere.  One thing is for sure, nothing is what it ever seems to be.  Watch this video, “Uncle Drew” this is a prime example of what we are talking about here.  It is really cool … talk about a ringer.

Here is today’s parting shot … Live life in the moment because all the rest of it is just fluff.


7 thoughts on “Yesterday’s News – Uncle Drew

  1. Never having the pleasure of meeting you in person DS, but also knowing we attended the same high school (different years) I’m pretty sure that we can say, and alot of your other “followers” of your blog, we’re from the old school of things.
    I say more power to that young gal and her 9 month old blog site, and like the old beer commercial used to say: GO FOR THE GUSTO !
    I believe that you’d stated awhile back that it was disappointing that more folk did not respond to some of your writings. I say keep on keepin’ on my friend, ’cause if it ain’t interesting to some folk that’s the way it goes. The next writing might dazzle ’em to pieces !!!


    • I make no bones about being Old School, I am in a time-warp and I love it. I am not stuck in any partiular generation (60-70-80’s) that kind of thing, but I like the old stuff. Do not embrace all of this i-pad, phone gizmo’s or electronics … they can have it all.

      As for the girl going for the gusto, that is good, but writing (and I use that word loosely) a blog for nine months does not make you an expert on how to do it, by any stretch of the imagination, that is ludicrous.

      That is what I was saying. People think that because they post something each day that they are “writers” and this is kind of amusing to me also. I am not for instance, a writer, I am a good story teller or a hack, possibly a somewhat creative sort of person, but a writer?

      Nope. That aint me. I would not make a pimple on a writers ____ and that is a fact. I know nothing of the basic’s, grammar, structure, verbs, all of the things a good writer needs and uses daily.

      You are right in one sense Joe, I did say I was kind of disappointed in the “comments” as they were not forth coming and people were not responding in the manner which I would like to have them do. Comments (such as yours for instance) is where it is for me personally, I like the comments more than the writing or creating of the material.

      Finally … It is a mystery to me, some blogs create comments out the kazoo, on the other hand, we will get 300 hits in one day, and not ONE comment.

      Go figure?

      Have a good weekend.



  2. I think it is because they don’t see other people commenting. I used to be hesitant to comment on sites that no one else seemed to comment on…Then I threw caution to the wind, and figured I’ll comment and find out for myself why no one is talking to some of these writers. Some blogs it is still a mystery…others, I know exactly why.


    • It is a true mystery for me. We have a few commenters and I guess that is a good thing, because I believe in answering comments, and if you were getting a whole lot of them daily, well y’know.



    • The comments are part of the fun!


    • I could not agree more. But be careful, very careful, for what you wish for. I remember one time it heated up so badly on here that I had to shut them down, it was literally impossible to keep up with them, and it was getting totally out of hand.



    • I learned that the hard way already. It just kept going for weeks!


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