She’s Curvy And She Owns It

“Everyone wants to be a winner, everyone wants to win.“

Reading several profiles today of successful people.  One thing that came across as a little bit strange was they all listed “what their ring tones were on their cellphones.”  Now that strikes me as kind of quirky to say the least, why is this fact so important in todays business environment.  My ring tone by the way, is a bell that sounds like a telephone ringing.

Pretty catchy huh?

A girl back east, New Jersey, has been fired for not taping down her breasts at work.  At first it was decided that she was too attractive and her breasts were too big, so they asked her to tape them down.  Then she was asked to wear a bathrobe at work all day long (not likely) and then ultimately she was fired (via cell phone by the way).

She is now suing her ex-employer and I personally hope that she wins.  I mean hell, they didn’t notice any of this when they hired her?  The girl is curvy and she owns it, why should she have to duck and cover, just because you work for someone doesn’t mean they OWN you.

Everyone wants to be a winner, everyone wants to win.

NBC’s America’s Got Talent visited New York City recently for a round of auditions that included a 77-year-old rapper, a dog act and a male performer who allowed his genitalia to be punched and kicked multiple times, with the blows set to music.  Yawn.

So in order to salvage what was left of my sanity, I surfed around the dial a little ….  BURN OFF EXCESS BODY FAT … LOOK GOOD NAKED … INSANITY WORKOUT.  And they wonder why we all seem to be a nation of knuckle-draggin clones?  There seems to be very little truth left in the media these days too.

Here is a question for you to ponder?

When you get your two packs of Sweet & Low out of the jug, and then empty them into the coffee, do you throw the empties away or back in the container?  If you toss the empties in there with all the full packets, it makes life a lot more interesting the next time you go for sweetener.

Try it.

Don’t tell the wife, just do it and then sit back and wait for the fur to fly!

First it is good for you, then bad, then good for you, and then … well you get the drift, dontha?  New study out on coffee, and it is once again, it is good for you!  (Which is good news for me, I drink a lot of coffee, an ocean of it in my lifetime I suppose)  It sure would be nice if all these folks would just make up their mind … Who knows, maybe even give us a nugget of truth now and then?



4 thoughts on “She’s Curvy And She Owns It

  1. That’s sexual harassment on the NJ girl. Unless the company has addressed certain criteria in their personnel manual, they cannot ask her to do any different than any other employee. Being attractive and having large breasts are not reasons to single her out. What idiots. I’ve gone to bat on harassment issues in the past, digging into state statutes and federal Dept. of Labor standards to point out to employers that strong-arming doesn’t cut it in court. I think many times employees just don’t know their rights. I hope this woman wins her case too!


  2. She was probably fired by a flat-chested woman or the flat-chested woman’s boyfriend… What a stupid, stupid reason to fire someone, but the fact that you first told her to tape her breasts down and then to wear a robe all day just makes this company the biggest Retards in the United States. And I want to know just exactly how you “tape” down your boobs??? Did someone “check” the said taping of boobs when she came to work each day? I hope she cleans them out….


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