In Your Dreams Bucko

“For instance, I distinctly remember telling my mother “I dreamed of being a fireman some day” and my mother said “don’t be silly, you are way too small to he a fireman.”

How many of you remember the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live?

All those late night episodes, when she would smile at the other member of the cast and announce … “Oh, you’re so special!”  In a way, I suppose we all want to think we are special, that we are unique, that we are as the say “one of a kind.”  And we are … We are just like everyone else on the planet.  At best there are for each and everyone, out of total of 6 billion people, an exact match or in other words, about 7,000 just like you.

Now that is a scary thought in some cases.

Recently during high school commencement festivities at a school back east, that special time, when someone stands up and tells you that “you are special and you have the world by the tail” things kind of unraveled.

The speech such as it was turned out to be just the opposite.  Instead of the standard fare, the students heard from their graduation speaker that they were indeed not so special at all.  You’re Not All That Special

Looks like it is going to be a long hot summer.

Hammer Down, I got four on the floor, the other one out the door … Hammer Down!  Texas, who just happens to be “the biggest, the best, and all that other stuff” just announced a proposed 85 mile per hour toll way in the Lone Star State.

See what happens, when you use taxpayer money to build a toll road, and give the contract to foreigners (Mexicans).  You can read all about this high speed highway here.

Native Americans used to have a saying that went like this “nothing lasts forever except the rocks” which is not exactly a true statement, they were unaware of the process of erosion.  Now think about this, “each and every scrap of plastic, which in most cases has a shelf life of 100 years, is still with us.”

That means every piece of it ever thrown away is still floating around somewhere.

Most it can be found in the vast areas of the Pacific Ocean.  One particular area is coincidentally about the size of the State Of Texas.  Pacific garbage and how we are slowly killing ourselves.

Everyone has a dream …  When I was young, I used to sit on Red Hill in my hometown, and I would look out over the horizon and dream of seeing cities like Chicago, New York and Boston.  And I eventually did.  I always dreamed of being able to go to the airport and buy a plane ticket to anywhere in the world and pay cash for it.  That happened.  I suppose all of us have dreams, some make it and some don’t.

For instance, I distinctly remember telling my mother “I dreamed of being a fireman some day” and my mother said “don’t be silly, you are way too small to be a fireman.”

So I took up smoking.

Soon, in Idaho, the Fed’s are going to cut down one man’s dream.  He built a treehouse, put $14,000 of his money in it, got variances and permissions, but the Fed’s say it is not in the right place and it has to come down.  We have far too much government in this country … You can read about it here.

This one here has to be the winner of the week.

A man who robbed a woman in the elevator of a casino, is claiming he did it while sleepwalking.  Now this is a new form of defense, even for a scumbag and the bottom feeder that will represent him.  Robbing someone at knifepoint because you are a Sleepwalker.

I am watching this one with great anticipation.

Why?  Because I sleep walk?  No, don’t be ridiculous.  But the potential is there, if this proves to be a genuine for-real legal defense.  Can you just imagine the far flung implications this will have on American Society?

Your wife storms into the bedroom and demands to know who the woman in bed beside you happens to be.  You in turn just shrug your shoulders and reply, “Uh, I dunno hon?  Maybe she is sleepwalking?”

See you at the water cooler.



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  1. I have been busy entertaining family lately. I’m back… missed your posts. I’ll try to go through the archives for the past month when I get a chance!! Gotta have my DS fix on humor!!


    • Must be that time of the year, we have some friends coming in from AZ tomorrow and they will be here for awhile. I must say, you have been missed.

      Get ready for a long hot summer, all of my Purple Martins are now long gone, have raised up a brood and then left to go back to South America. They were here last year until the 13th of July.



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