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All this week, we have been running this survey that you see above. We have in the past ran other surveys here at Creative Endeavors.

How Old Is Your Avatar?
What Would You Do?
If the other girls in the hot tub took off their tops, would you take off yours, before you got in or after?
Does buying American really work?
Do you think the new Burger King commercial is out of line?

The idea for this one came to me last Sunday.  Last-week on the CBS Morning News Show they ran an item about American’s and anticipation.  According to those in the know, “we anticipate things and are more likely to settle for something in the near future than right now, in the moment.”

One of the illustrations they used in this so-called survey were vacations.

According to the pollsters, we are more likely to enjoy the anticipation of a vacation more than the vacation itself.  I am also pretty much sure that you cannot use a survey for a marker in life, because they seem to be very unpredictable.

Take our survey for example, over 800 folks during the past week, had the opportunity to not only view the poll, but to participate in it.  Of that, only a mere fraction even bothered to vote, and all that was required of them was to simply hover a mouse over the button and then click it.

Here are the results:

Get the kiss immediately right then and there.  77.78%
Take some time to think about it, say a week or so.  22.22%

Question #2 “Get the kiss in three days time.” didn’t even get a nod from anyone.

Having no earthly idea as to why the results came out that way, I will just go ahead and accept them for what they are.  Pretty pathetic.  It could be because we treasure our privacy so much, that a poll is considered an intrusion into that area of our lives, so we just skip it.

The clear cut majority of the people who responded to the poll and actually participated in it, wanted the kiss right then and now.  The second half of the people who voted wanted it a little while down the road, to stop and savor the moment (anticipate?) and were glad to get it a little later.

So, as far as we are concerned, here at this website, we evidently want it now, and we want it all.  Guess that would make us a clear cross-cut of American Society …  Which has for a long time, wanted it all and wanted it now.  It appears here that polls and surveys are not all that reliable in a nation of people who believe in “what’s in it for me?”

That is the skinny on the poll, won’t be doing one any time in the future, they seem to be a complete waste of time.  Mine and yours ….  And if we do run one, it will be at the bottom of the page, where it evidently belongs.

Have A Great Weekend.


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