Killing Your Swimmers

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Now here is the post for today.

“All that radiation projecting downward to your boys and all your little swimmers are dying as we speak.”

Good morning world, how are you doing?  This is post #1,268 on the road to who knows where … and we are quickly approaching 1.2 million hits on this little watering hole.  We are just a tad bit short (2000 hits more or less) and should see 1.2 million shortly.

Kind of quiet around here, summertime in the heartland, all the wheat is in, well, most of it is now cut and the custom cutters have moved on.  The days are long, hot and humid, the dog days of summer is what they call them.  On some days it is a virtual ghost town around here.

Summertime … People are traveling to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.  The Queen Mummy is celebrating and the Thames River is full of little junky boats blowing their horns in a cacophony of celebration.


Those who still have a job, and can actually “afford” to go somewhere are now lying on a white sand beach somewhere very south of where I am sitting, next to a good looking blonde with nice ta-ta’s and thinking about the prospects of getting ahead in Silicone Valley.  Free from the 16-hour workdays, relentless deadlines, and overwhelming stress … all endured in hope that they’ll someday join the ranks of billionaires who live just a stones throw from San Jose, California.

I am so glad that I no longer have to dress for success.  Perhaps later on this summer we can make a run over to Dollywood and do some shopping.

Here is something you might not know about the holidays or getting away.

For many Americans, the holidays are not an entirely joyous time.  Among the things people dread:  waiting in lines and crowds (68%), putting on weight (37%), getting into debt (37%) seeing relatives (24%) and attending holiday get together’s (15%).  I remember my parents discussing vacation plans and my father saying, “I don’t think we can afford it this year.” And then my mother saying, “Well ____ !  If we waited until we could afford everything, we would never go anywhere.”

A helping hand is being extended to some homeless guys in Florida.

Usually the news out of Florida is somewhat less than stellar, but today it is good.  The guys have been given a dilapidated house to live in, but only if they fix it up themselves with supplies donated by a local Home Depot.  The men will live there for free for six months, and after that time, they will be expected to find a job and start paying higher rent.

Good luck on that.

It has been about six months since the Post Office made the move to stave off bankruptcy by cutting services.  They had proposed eliminating next-day deliver for first-class mail and to slow down other mail service.  Anyone notice any difference.  You want to save money?  Stop delivering junk mail on Saturday, none of us need mail on Saturday.  Close down some of these mail processing centers , which unfortunately will trim about 28,000 jobs.  The postal service lost $5.1 billion last year because of pension obligations and rapidly shrinking volumes of mail.  How can you run a virtual monopoly and still lose money?

Just like Email, it is obsolete, give it up, stop cluttering up the airwaves with this garbage.

90% of all emails sent in business are a complete waste of time, ban them, have your employes TALK TO EACH OTHER instead.  And while we are at it?  Stop sending me all this really cute, pass this on to all of your friends in your address book junk.  Someone this week, has been hacking my email, I have been forced to change my password, it was 1-2-3-4-5-6 and that is no longer working, what do you think about just using “password?”

Maybe that will work, kind of weak, but catchy on the same token.

For your consideration, in closing I will offer this.  With all things there is a downside and here it is.

Something else to think about, if you are sitting there, with your laptop on your lap, and working feverishly on a email composition you are unwittingly frying your sperm!  Hah!  Think about that.  All that radiation projecting downward to your boys and all your little swimmers are dying as we speak.

Give it up … It is no good for you.

So much for post #1,268 which was just 55 minutes ago, nothing but a blank screen, and now look at what you have just discovered to share around the water cooler later on today?  A virtual gold mine of hodge-podge, your very own personal garage sale of bloggin delivered to your door.  But of course, Wednesday’s are often just that, right.

It is now your job to be a good happy dog and get thru the day.


Photo yanked from Motley News.

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  1. I so love that photo of the happy dog!

    So… when do we find out what that poll was about?


    • That is a good photo. I was thinking maybe Friday on the poll, that is if we can get some participation on the thing, it has been maple syrup slow since I first put it up.



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