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Email of the Week: 

Don’t understand the “jamokes” that write and/or add stuff to our “daily rag” here in Stockton, but this’n caught my eye this a.m. regarding your “fly-over” state.

Seems that ol’ Texas had been bragging that THEY had the hottest temperatures here recently, but NOTSOFAST says the bubble headed blonde weather person in Oklahoma !  It seems that y’all beat ’em out by afew degrees, and alas, our daily rag failed to add the numbers into the article!!!


We were hotter than Texas if anyone cares.

In case you are interested here is the link.

Heat really isn’t news around here, happens every year, in August it will get so hot that the asphalt will start to melt and that is no exaggeration.  They are predicting that this year will be a banner year as far as the heat is concerned.  So it appears that we are in for another one.

All of the Purple Martins showed up late this year, they mated, taught the youngsters how to hunt and fly, and have now departed.  Last year they were here until the 13th of July, this year, they are all gone by the first of June.  Once again, Mother Nature is telling us something, all you have to do is “tune in” and it is right there in front of your face.

Really do not know what to write about this morning.

I could briefly touch on this guy, where was it, South Florida?  Anywho, he killed this guy and then ate him!  Whooooie, scratch off South Florida off that vacation getaway list quickie pronto.  Wonder if McDonalds is serving a “Happy To Be Alive Meal” there?

It is really anyone’s guess in this country any more, things are getting so bad in Detroit for instance that they are even killing the fish.  They have no suspects, and those in charge are saying that “it is a naturally occurring process in nature.”  Never mind the sixty top floaters in the one tank, the empty gallon bottle of Clorox and the crystal clear water.

How about the young mummy who put her five week old baby on the roof of the car in a baby seat and then drove off with the tot on her roof.  Clearly this was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  “Honey have you seen our baby?”

This is week #2 since I made a abrupt exit from another website where they want it one way but demand that it be just the opposite.  It literally amazes me the length and breadth that some people on the Internet will go to in order to enforce their version of the truth in order to win.  It is times such as this, that the internet, trolls, websites with over-active moderators really suck.

The other thing that amazes me is the fact that they are doing battle over basically nothing, trivial unimportant matters and ideals.  Hard fought battles for ownership of typically infertile ground  … Where is the winner in that?

What seems to get me is somehow it is always a twisted version of so-called truth that is served up for me to eat, and I always find it somewhat unsavory or appealing.

Like Nicholson says in the movie … “A Few Good Men” … The truth?  You can’t stand the truth, you don’t want the truth!”

So, like the gentleman that I am, gave them a piece of my mind, and then I just packed up and walked away.  Put a filter on their spam notices and looking back on it all, it has been a quiet, good two weeks, I should have done this a long time ago.

Just checked Saturday’s lotto tickets, no winners, hell, not even close.  It would be nice to just “be close” one time, but no such luck.  Looks like y’all (Okie talk) are stuck with me for a few more weeks I am afraid.  I am surely not complaining, don’t get me wrong, it could get a lot worse.

So Joey, that is the news from the Fly Over State, Oklahoma … Home of the OU Sooners, bad roads, and really big women!

Here is the news from your side of the country.

Ugly-ass coyote pups have been born in Golden Gate Park, this increases the total animal population to what, 13?  The local homeless on the other hand, are not happy, and are demanding protection, and of course barbecue sauce.  Here is the link pard, I am outta here.  Once again, thanks for your comments, you write good comments.

See you at the water cooler …..


Cartoon courtesy of AmericanProgress.org


10 thoughts on “A Note From Joey

  1. Your “melting asphalt” statement reminded me of the heat in the state of Nebraska while I was in the USAF from ’61 thru ’64. I was a member of the 307th Field Maintenance Squadron S.A.C. base in Lincoln at that time. We worked on the B-47 bombers and KC97 tankers that kept ’em fueled while in the air.
    Working on the flight line where the birds were parked, during the summer months the “tar” strips got so hot that THEY melted, with that goo sticking to EVERYTHING; the launch truck tires, Air Police vehicles, and when the bombers were taxied off or onto the take-off positions, would throw gobs of that stuff high into the air ! One did not want to be under that stuff coming down for ANY reason !!!


  2. You shook some blogger’s cage? Lol…no! I don’t believe it! I notice you haven’t dropped by my site in awhile…Was it something I said?

    Also, I think I take offense to the Oklahoma — Really Big Women thing! I am here in OK, and I’m not a Really Big Woman… Cheer up! I’ll always be your devoted follower!!


    • Oh to the contrare my dear (I think that is French, kiss me and I will let you know) I drop by your site almost every day. I have it bookmarked and all that jazz. I don’t always comment or hit the like button, but rest assured you are being read.

      Oklahoma is now 3rd in the USA for obesity, it is kind of sad. Even I do not escape, I am my perfect weight if I were say … seven feet tall. The average woman in America is now 163.8 lbs and a size 16 according to the latest data available. I can tell by your avatar that you are not overweight, now mine, well, it is forty-seven years old and I no longer look like that.

      Hell … I aint even close.



    • I love that you are using an avatar from years ago, and boldly admit it!! See why I follow you with such loyalty?!! And thank you for the compliment about being thin…I am turning 44 in less than two weeks, and I’m hanging on to any and all compliments I can still get. And just so you know, that picture is a recent one of me….

      That is a seriously sad statistic for OK though, but I guess now that I think about it, I can see it. Though, the girls that I tend to hang around with are part of the m/c family. For the most part, they are thin. Only a few heavier women come to mind, and only one that I would think could even be considered fat. Maybe Oklahoma women should ride more motorcycles. :)


    • Okay, I found it. I put up a post about Avatars back in March of this year, it was titled “Say Cheeze” my Avatar that I am using is from 2006. That makes it older than dirt and not very current.

      I find it hard to believe you are turning 44 soon (by the way Happy Birthday!) as your Avatar projects a much more youthful image, you certainly do not appear to be 44. Now if I just had some pictures of the tan lines? Hahahahahaha. It is all relevant, you are as old as you feel.

      Stuff happens. I cannot remember who said it, but they said, “If you want to stay young, hang out with young people.” Might be some truth in that, but then again, my grand-kids tire me out rather quickly. I have a good twenty-years on you and believe me, there is a time, when they count and you know it.

      The big women are out there, you just do not see them.

      Go to Walmart or any buffet in Tulsa and they will be there. You do know what buffet stands for don’tcha? BIG UGLY FAT FOLKS EATING TOGETHER. We have more than our fair share of them. If you are hanging around with skinny girls, then that is what you are prone to see, we are products of our environments or so they tell me.

      Hey Bird? The hardest thing in the world to take is a compliment. You got it going on gurl, I would not give it another moment of thought.



    • Ok, Don. Your comment is my favorite one ever!! Talk about magic words to make a girl’s day!!
      I can see how I’ve aged over the years, but to be fair, I inherited some good genetics from my mother. She always stayed looking much younger than she really was. People used to say that to her all the time, but to me, she still looked way older than me, so the whole thing just went right over my head.I never cared about any of that until lately. :-)
      Lol…I live by the Ghetto Walmart here in Tulsa..the one that had a gang shooting in it a few months ago. But I have to admit, you’re right. There are usually a plethora of large women there. And even more interesting to me is that so many people wear their pajamas and slippers to the store. No one dresses worse than Walmart customers . No one..I used to check out a website that was comprised of nothing but pictures of Walmart customers shopping in the most awful or offensive clothes. I never did make it to the end of the pictures. I laughed my butt off…
      Thank you again for my compliment. Sometimes, it really is nice to hear you aren’t ready for the glue factory.. :-)


    • My my, we are up early this morning aren’t we? I am just barely into my second cup of coffee. Truth is, I see them in their pajamas and bedtime regalia and I always think this … “Don’t these people have mirrors in their homes?”

      It is frankly, embarrassing to me.

      Just like the eyewitness to the tornado … hair in curlers, NO teeth in her mouth, and a #3 wagon sheet mu-mu for her attire … it is disgusting.

      So here I sit, looking at video’s and reading, and the ENTIRE WORLD is younger than me. Like this one. Which aint doing me a lot of good this morning, not at all.



    • LOL!! You are such a guy, Don!! How old do you think these girls are? 14? 15? They would make my 20 year old daughter feel old. I’m going to find you a different video to watch so you feel happy again. Do you think Walmart would lend me their security video? :-)


    • I am not un-happy, maybe it is the full moon?



    • Check out today’s post.



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