Thou Shall Not Steal II

“I like music, it soothes the savage beast in me, it allows me to escape the horrible things that life often has in store, and I would miss it if it were to disappear. “

Yesterday’s post turned out to be rather popular, so here is part II … All the movies have a sequel, so we will do it too.  I have a friend who is constantly stealing music, he says it is not stealing, he refers to it as bootlegging.  Which we all know, is a cop out, it is stealing, plain and simple.  Musicians make their living by their music, if they cannot make a profit or carve out a niche with their work, they will stop making CD’s.

Same thing with photographers, who also depend on a payday now and then for the sum total of their work.  In my own personal opinion, a world devoid of music and vivid pictures, is just another cesspool I will have to wade my way thru.

Not a pleasant prospect by any definition.

Personally, I like music, it soothes the savage beast in me, it allows me to escape the horrible things that life often has in store, and I would miss it if it were to disappear.  The pictures provide me with an escape, if only momentarily, to another place and time, and relieve me of the pressure of everyday life.

In the past I have actually lost friends and/or acquaintances simply because I would not copy software for them and told them to do as I did … trot on down to Staples or Office Depot and BUY a copy of it.  (My own kid to this day still holds it against me because I would not GIVE HIM a working copy of Windows 98-something or rather, which by the way, cost me $125.)

Last year I had some DUI lawyers in Austin, Texas, who were regularly visiting my site, doing a copy & cut, then pasting it on another site of their making.  Not only was this not a nice thing to do, they were also adding to the material, their own personal thoughts and observations and changing the material or morphing it into something it surely was not.

After several emails and threats to sue the ____ out of them, the site abruptly disappeared and the problem went away.

Maybe it is me, perhaps because of age, I am just cranky.  But I am sick of people disregarding the rights of others, simply to appear as if they are talented, when in fact, they are not.  Using copyrighted material and/or stealing it for use on your webpage.  At the very bottom of the baseline scale, is kind of dishonest and certainly beneath what most would consider dignified behavior.  If you are posting and not giving credit, then you need to clean up your act.

Long ago, the Greek Philosophers said that “there were no new ideas.”  And to a certain extent, that remains true to this day.  If you are borrowing to entice or impress and you are not giving credit where credit is due, you are a thief.  The very least you can do is to add some kind of “credit” somewhere in the piece to allow others to know where the material originated or came from.

Now I often walk a fine line and try my level-best to not to do this, but I am not perfect, far from it.  I do however strive to make it a daily practice to intentionally not use other peoples stuff.  I try hard to keep it original and most of the time …. Mine.  Like my latest effort I am working on now, “Sensitivity Awareness and Love Making For White Boys” which should out some time this fall, look for it.  (I will of course, have a “little borrowed stuff from Playboy” but that should be okay.  No one is really paying attention these days anyway)

Have a great weekend.


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Thou Shall Not Steal

This week I received an email from someone who was a bit put out with me for not quoting a source and/or giving credit and a link to my opinion that I had expressed.  This person also hammered me about a photo I posted and pointed out that there was NO photo credit.  For the record, it was MY photo, and I was satisfied with it, I didn’t feel as if I had to give myself a photo credit at that point in the game.

Most of the time, or rather the majority of the time, I feel I am good about exchanging links, giving credit where credit is due, and quoting my sources.  As the complaint has been duly recognized, I am going to move on, and be done with it.  But I feel at the same time, I need to clear the air on a thing or two.

Been a slow week here at the Goat Farm, and I have the time, so here goes.

Lately I have gotten kind of irritated by some of these people who are constantly putting these inane :) or :D (stoopid type faces) on the end of their paragraphs or the ever present ROTFLMAO or LOL out the —.  I don’t know how all of this got started, but there certainly is no place for it in civilized society.

Let us call a spade a spade, if you are funny, you don’t have to put a stoopid face made out of keyboard-typeface characters at the end of sentence.  If you are funny, truly funny, it is going to come off that way.

Why all the juvenile attempts at reaching out and impressing the masses?

Another thing that is getting me down here quite regular like I notice a lot of people disregarding copyrighted material completely on a regular basis.  This as we all know, is the practice of taking “copyrighted material” and just slapping it on the page without so much as a photo credit or the tip of the proverbial hat to the author.

The copyright guidelines used by the NYT are: always a link or citation, and no more than 200 words or half the material, whichever is less, unless prior permission is obtained and stated, along with the source.  I try to stick with those, but sometimes it’s hard, depending on how I got the material.  When you want to pass on something that’s been emailed and has 276 addresses attached, it’s sometimes kind of hard to figure out the source, and sometimes Googling a couple of lines doesn’t work, either.

So there it is in a nutshell. 

No credit applied or freely given, you are a thief. 

It is not only illegal, it is downright rude and as we all know, not very cool.

511 words, if you stuck around this long, the new practice of slimming down is in place and working well.  The equivalent of a Facebook page written by a 13 year old girl with bad skin and braces. :)  :D …. LOL  ROTFLMAO … Oh, hahahahahahaha … I think I just hurt myself!

(Did you get it?)


We Are Giving You Ten Million Dollars

“Sit back and eat your Twinkies or Ding Dong’s and stop worrying … It is a win-win, no brainer.“

Vroooooooooooooom!  So I am watching this Mercedes-Benz commercial for a new car.  The car is giving the driver a testosterone boost by skidding side-ways thru an empty city street at a high rate of speed.  Dust and leaves are scattering in every direction as the driver maintains artful control of this object which is clearly on the brink of crashing at any second.  It is to say the very least … A rush.

Now here is my question, well, actually there are two questions.  

#1 Why are the city streets always empty and where are the cops?  

#2  Why is their dust everywhere and leaves blowing, when there are clearly no tree’s in sight?

I suppose the Madison Avenue Ad types just think we are stoooopid and of course, have deep pockets for a new luxury car to use and abuse in an abandoned city somewhere in America (Detroit Mich or Gary Indiana quickly come to mind).  I like the Japanese commercials better at least they have women, scantly clad women, in their commercials, they show Mom & Pop hauling around a boat load of kids.

Give me the Subaru, and keep the Benz.

What kind of bumper sticker would you plaster on a $85,000 luxury sedan?  That could be a real dilemma.  “I Am The One Percent.” … “Get Your Ugly Motorcycle Gang Away From My Car.” … “My Young Trophy Wife Can Whip Your” ….

Oh well, you get the drift, dontcha?

It’s all about the Muny …  When I was young, I used to think that money was the most important thing in life.  Now that I am older, I know it is.”  Here is a modest proposal.  You will like it, because you are going to get a $10 million dollar loan in the process.

First before you write this off, this is a good thing, not a bad deal.

With this huge loan to the populace, we will also establish some badly needed income equality in this country, all this whining and posturing about those who have and those who do not, will immediately cease.

In this plan, you will be lent $10 million by the Federal Reserve at zero interest.

Yes, I said “Zero Interest.”

That is basically the deal of the Fed has been offering to big banks and hedge funds all along.  Who have in turn invested this “cheap money” and turned it into huge profits by putting it in such things as high-yield securities.

Wait it gets better.

Here is how it will work.  The Fed’s will just print MORE money and we the recipients of this largesse will “promise” to pay it back (of course we will not do this, they do not, so we do not), and no one will ever have to work again.

We just put the money out at say 2% and pocket a nice $200,000 a year in interest to live on … sit back and eat Ding Dong’s and stop worrying … It is a win-win, no brainer.

If none of the above rows your boat, then try this:

If you can start the day without caffeine or pep pills,

If you can be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

If you can eat the same food everyday and be grateful for it,

If you can understand when loved ones are too busy to give you time,

If you can overlook when people take things out on you when, through no fault of yours, something goes wrong,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,

If you can face the world without lies and deceit,

If you can conquer tension without medical help,

If you can relax without liquor,

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

If you can do all these things,

Then you are probably the family dog.



Today we will run this post from the Motley News, take a moment to consider all the good things in your life as you view this.

We will have something more for you tomorrow.


Motley News, Photos and Fun

We all need to take a break from the obstacles in life we encounter daily. Some are easy while others often threaten ones own life or the lives of their loved ones. A failing economy, sickness, poor health care, and a society full of greed, corruption, crime and selfishness can make every day a challenge.

This is when we all need to see that there is compassion and humanity still in existence. Here are a few good acts done from the heart from one stranger to another.

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It Is Right Here In My Who-Hah

(Because of the adult subject matter, there will be no photo’s accompanying this post)

Now listen buster, take your hand out of there and leave my girlfriend alone!

TULSA, Oklahoma – A woman armed with two weapons including a flare gun robbed the Med-X Drug Store at 1714 Utica Square early Saturday.  Tulsa Police say the woman went into the pharmacy at about 5:30 a.m. She had a black semi-automatic handgun and a flare gun, she then demanded both pills and money from the register.

On her way out the door, she fired the flare gun into a chair. No one was injured, and the flare gun did not start a fire, police say.  The woman got into an older black SUV with a driver waiting behind the wheel and left the scene.

I suppose laughing her a** off hysterically.

Here is a question for all you lurkers and Internet trolls out there.  What is the pre-occupation with Rachel Ray and her breasts, half the searches on my site are for this.  That … and bikini’s …. It is truly is a sick world we live in these days.  For the record I do not ever remember any items concerning Rachel or her tah-tahs.

While we are on the subject of the female anatomy.

This could be a serious drug problem, I dunno.  When questioned at the police station the woman replied, “Yes officer, I have some Oxycontin in my “who-hah” … Would you like to remove them or shall I fish them out for myself?”   Oh I am sorry, are you allowed to use the word “Who-hah” when describing female genitalia on the Internet?

I know the word “vagina” and “vasectomy” are now banned in Michigan, where two Democratic women in the Michigan House of Representatives, who used the words “vagina” and “vasectomy” while debating an abortion bill, had their privilege to speak withdrawn for a day on Thursday.  I have never been to Michigan, but from what I read, it appears to be pretty lame.

Maybe we should just use the word girlfriend?

“Now listen buster, take your hand out of there and leave my girlfriend alone!”

That might work.

Charlie Sheen (not his daddy Martin) is scheduled to play the president of the United States in an upcoming event.  I guess the basic question would be, “Haven’t we already had enough of a coked up son following his father in politics?”

Thanks a lot department.  Hope this Email catches you in time! 

Please send this warning to everyone on your Email list.  If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT!! THIS IS A SCAM!!  They only want to see you naked.

I wish I’d gotten this yesterday … I feel so stupid.

Entertainment Today had a little chit-chat with comedian/actor/Robin Williams at a ceremony and had a few grumblings about the apocalypse and its associated signs, some of which are apparently associated with Britney Spears.  Then he said this about Spears’ fiancé/manager Jason Trawick being added to the singer’s conservatorship: “That’s kind of a double bill. It’s like having your dealer as your therapist.” (Nice shot of J-Lo on the same page)

When I worked on the railroad and I would have anger issues with my boss, they would send me to the therapist.  He would then say to me, “What is it that you do for a living?’ and I would reply, “I work on the railroad.”  He would then say, “Okay, hang off the side of the couch and tell me what is bugging you.”  More on Britney here, I don’t know about her underwear, her new video is a real yawner.

What do you do If you find yourself stranded in the desert, running out of water and food?  Well silly, you build a motorcycle out of your non-running car and ride it to Wendy’s.

Here is another one, one of those thinking outside the box moments.

The other day I intently sat here completely mesmerized and watched a bridge moved on an episode of “We Are Going To Move This Incredibly, Huge, Holy Crap, look at the size of that Godzilla Sized Steel Stuff” on the Discovery Channel.

And it occurred to me:  “If we are capable of moving a 5 million pound bridge, on several barges with tugboats, upstream 16 miles, to two pre-cast already constructed concrete pillars and then placing that bridge on the site and everything fits.  Then why can’t we build a car that gets more than 50 mpg?”

This was indeed done back east recently, it did happen.

Lookie there, two cups of coffee and it is only 8:00 a.m..  I haven’t done a dog-gone thing today … That means the wife is dead wrong … I am getting better at this.



And There It Is

We used to have a regular reader, an English teacher from somewhere back east.  She was a real hoot, I loved her comments, I used to drive her crazy with all my apostrophes’ in the wrong place.  She would come on, correcting my post, somewhat tactfully and in a gentle manner if you may, and point out where I was running amuck.

Often I think of her while hammering one of these out, and I just smile.

Had a full blown English professor who commented on my post and said it was “depressing.”  Not the subject matter, but rather the composition and the way it was laid out.  This pompous gas bag felt led to intimidate and harass, we never gave him a lot of space.  He on the other hand, I do not miss.

We will hit 1.2 million visitors sometime today …

Kind of hard to believe … but that has (or will) happen today,

Saturday June 23rd, 2012.

During this time we have posted 1,280 posts and have during this same period, some 1,986 comments.  The spam count is horrendous, literally thousands of them, some amusing and then again, some pretty sad.  Found one just yesterday that really seemed to hit rock bottom for me.  It read: “I have a 13 year old daughter. Let me know if you would like to see any pictures of her.  I also have a 6 months old boy, 5 yr. old girl & a 3 yr. old girl We make pretty babies :-}  Facebook address.”

Yesterday we also had a spam comment that was … get this … 1,542 words … and it was all in ONE paragraph!

The year being half over, I find that our most popular post was a Moment In Time  This one post for some strange reason was able to garner something like 1,900 hits in one day, and I have no logical explanation for it.  My favorite post this year, for me personally, is “My Favorite Animal.”  Another post that I am kind of fond of is “Mr. Gorsky.”

One steady but sure customer for sure, is “Bikini’s (Why Men Are Pigs)” which consistently brings hits each and every day (34,307) from who knows who?  Our highest day was the day that President Obama was elected, we had over 124,000 hits in one twenty-four hour period.  This was “Barack’s House,” which eventually ended up passing 566,000 views to this day.

So there it is in a nutshell, 1.2 million visitors to a site that has been here for a little less than 4 years, just pluggin’ away and throwing them out there each day.  My heartfelt thanks for all of you who come and visit each day and leave a comment or two, you are what it is all about.  Thanks, to all of you who helped us reach this mile-marker, this pinnacle of success, such as it is.

It is our sincere hope and prayer that all of you are still here, healthy and well, when we hit 1.5 million.  It has been one grand ride  … We could not have done it without you.

See you all on Monday.



Fresh Pressed Is So Bogus

There is something on that really stinks.  You can label this “sour grapes” or anything else you want to call it.  But this is how I see it.  Fresh Pressed on is bogus and a tremendous dis-service to wordpress patrons and/or writers.  In other words, on a scale of one to ten, you get a “D.”

Figure that one out.

This morning I am waltzing around, so I go over to the readers’ section and do a number on that, and then I check out “Fresh Pressed.”  The Readers Section is a breath of fresh air, it is a good choice on almost any given day.  Most everything you read there is “followed material” or people you have read before.  Fresh Pressed is where you go to see what is new and who the up and comers are … or where they are supposed to be anyway.

Unfortunately, on a lot of days they are not there and it is just a load of crap.

Fresh pressed on, is so not worthy of anyone’s attention … Why anyone would aspire to be associated with it or even want to be chosen to be listed there is really beyond me.  In my case it would behoove me to just skip Fresh Pressed, I have enough irritants in my life, I don’t need Fresh Pressed to round it all off.

Today there is a post on Fresh Pressed listed there asComic Belief

I made the choice of going to check it out, under the assumption that something slightly humorous or funny, might be found there.  What I found was a “One post blog.”  Period.  Comic Belief (the one and only post) is the entire blog and archive.  So out of curiosity I checked the about box, to find out what this was all about, here is what I found.  About:  This is an example of a page. Unlike posts, which are displayed on your blog’s front page in the order they’re published, pages are better suited for more timeless content that you want to be easily accessible, like your About or Contact information. Click the Edit link to make changes to this page or add another page.

Here is the pathetic part of all this … 350+ people checked they liked it.

Seriously, this is “Fresh Pressed?”  This is the elusive carrot at the end of the string, that every blogger hopes to achieve, this little gem in the vault that everyone wants to latch onto for just a day … any day?  Fresh Pressed is a total waste of time.  No reflection on staff or any of that, but if this is the best you got … Well, it is time for a new look or some other kind of gambit for your reader/patrons.   A “one post site” is worthy of this Fresh Pressed distinction … C’mon.

Give me a break. 

Hell, Give ALL of us a break.


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