Retrofit Post

Kind of funny, how something written years ago (2008) can still be considered appropriate and right on the money.  Doing a little house cleaning this morning and stumbled up on this.

I Cannot Drive My Car

I asked a girl to go traveling with me

See the country in an SUV

Pulled into the station the sign was obscene

The pump was hooked up to a cash machine

I cannot afford to drive my car

$50 won’t get me far

baby you can push my car,

and maybe I’ll help you

beep-beep it aint cheap yeah

I had a friend said his Honda was good

Because they have batteries under the hood

Owning a Prius is all very cool

But I got a gas hog that guzzles the fuel

I can’t afford to drive my car

$50 won’t get me far

don’t know how to push that car

or maybe I’ll buy me a mule

beep-beep it aint cheap yeah

beep-beep it aint cheap yeah

beep-beep it aint cheap yeah


5 thoughts on “Retrofit Post

  1. The Beatles?


  2. Out here in the San Joaquin valley in California, one could add to this little ditty: Can’t drive my boat anymore, too ! With Memorial Day arriving this weekend, in today’s daily rag the “boat people” have and are disappearing in droves ’cause of the high fuel costs on the Delta. One guy who stows his 42′ cruiser at a marina close to town was filling his tanks with diesel fuel at $5.50 per gallon. When asked where and when he and the wife plan on cruising this year, he stated that like afew others that have their boats there, he’d probably cruise 4-5 weekends everynowandthen, but more then likely just have “mass” BBQ’s at the marina! The economy is THAT bad. Oh yeah; that fuel bill came to $479.00 !!!


    • Our recent trip to south Texas (about 1,150 miles) cost us about $750 in fuel alone. It doesn’t take it long to add up at almost $4 per gallon. I know of a guy in Missouri that got so sick of paying for high priced fuel for his boat, that he went and bought two 150 gallon alum. truck fuel tanks. He then welded them on to a small cargo trailer and hooked up a high volume 12 vlt fuel transfer pump and would purchase all of his fuel in town (where it was much, much cheaper) and then haul it out to the lake and put it in his boat.

      Well, those in charge did not like this at all, but as he was doing all of this on his own dock at his place, there wasn’t much they could do about it other than complain. They tried legal action against him but were shot down in court by the magistrate.

      We have two more outings planned for this year and then we will shut it down, there isn’t much that you can do about it other than complain, the Oil Companies own America, it is almost like having a third section of government, a silent partner that does its evil bidding without restriction. It is a plain hard fact of life, they have us right where they want us, and we are going to be sucking off their petroleum tit for the next 100 years.



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