Sweet Dreams

dallas wreck

3 million people – no one at home – Dallas Texas

It is always nice to get out on the road.  Different sights, new places, strange new smells, and most of all, rest.  Sweet rest.  The bed in the bus sleeps well, it is a good bed and I do not separate from it each day because it is not warm, or it is uncomfortable, or any other negative reason.

I get up and leave it, because I know it is just too heavy to carry on my back all day long.  So, at some point, I get up and I get dressed and I leave it there.

Now we are dry camping this week, that means for the uninitiated, we are not hooked up to electricity, water or any of the common things one expects or takes for granted in life.  We are also because of the heat running our generator constantly, which is not cheap nor is it convenient.  It is always in the background and it can get somewhat noisy.

But it is a necessary evil and at the same time, a comfort of sorts.  Knowing first hand from experience, how uncomfortable the hot Texas sun can be, I would rather shell out the coin to stay cool.

When you lie down for the night, the generator hums its’ not so silent song, and lulls you to sleep.  Throw in the constant cycling and humming of the air conditioning unit, and that makes a good mix for the sandman to arrive.

Usually in short order it is sweet surrender, sleep, arrives right on time, just when you need it.

Another thing that I enjoy is good sleep and nice dreams, none of the “happy dreams of my youth” which were of course, pleasant nocturnal adventures.  At home, it is much different, my bed at home presents me with a lot of disturbed sleep, nightmares and the such.  A good nights’ sleep is not all that common at home, but here, for some strange reason, it is common place.

A strange mystery of life.

If you desire to hit a home run in the sleep department, throw in a little gentle rain, pitter-pattering on the steel roof of the coach and you are in a land of peace and enchantment a head-rush of content.

That’s today Boys & Girls …. Sitting here, drinking a cup of coffee, just a tad bit west of the San Jacinto River and not a whole lot on my plate for the day.  A little bit drunk on life and high on summertime.

Doesn’t get any better than this.


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  1. Great time to be on the road before the bad heat of summer. Enjoy!


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