Will Work For Chrome

I have to get outta here!

As a friend of mine said, “that is what retirement is all about.  Doing what you want to do.  You want to make a road trip, go for it.”  So ……. We are checking out for some R&R this week, making a run deep into the Heart of Texas.  I am going to hammer down, head south, stick my butt in the sand, and my toes in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

As always … I will be on a mission of self-awareness or redemption.

You know, like when you are in the basement of some church on your knee’s, crying and telling all of your rancid secrets to complete strangers, one of those kind of deals.

A cleansing of the spirit is what we are talking about here.

It will be my duty to seek out and discover a lonely, isolated section of beach, that is not littered with WD-40 or the unrefined recently spilled thirty-weight equivalent, only after a complete and exhaustive search, will I sit back and relax.  At that point, I will set out my beach chair, take out a pen and begin to write:

Dear Oprah,

Would you be interested in my forthcoming autobiography, Unrequited Soul-man, the poignant story of a recently released, on parole short-order cook with a crush on a waitress, who makes a deal with the devil.  A story of degradation, despair, and  finally, completion. I have it trimmed and cut back to a little less than 600 words. 

I look forward to discussing it with you on your show.


I may take the laptop and I may not … still up in the air on that one.  (This is after all, a trip to relax and get away R&R).  Please feel free to browse the archives, there are over 1,200 posts here of varying subjects and/or interests.  Should not be all that hard to find something to read.

We will see all of you in about a week or so …

Crank up the video and smile …

Makes everyone wonder what you are up to.

Tah-tah-tootle-loo … I will see you.