Email Of The Week 512

This Email came out of Stockton, California.

Yesterday, my bride informs me that it’s time to take all the newspapers she’s collected over to the Animal Shelter.  In doing so, we noticed alot of PGE trucks lined up doing something to the overhead lines.  We pulled into the shelter’s drive-way only to find the gates closed.  Noticed the phone number on the gate and tried calling but they would not pick up the phone to answer.  So I said let’s get outta here, and on the way, noticed an ARCO gas station that had their regular gas at $4.05 per.

I pull into the nearest pump, as her for the cash, and started walking to the counter inside to pay.  Half way there, this woman of Latin extraction approached me and asked if I could spare some money for a gallon of gas for her car;  hers was on the next island parked at a peculiar angle.  Told her, no, I can’t do that, as our tank is below half now, and continued on my way.

On the way back to our car, I’m approached by the guy this woman is with, and he asks me the same thing.  I looked him over and noticed a pack of “cancer sticks” hanging out of his shirt pocket.  So I asked him:  “sir, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?  and the guy starts to stutter and squirm, but says yeah I can.  So I ask him:  “when did you buy those “cancer sticks?  He says:  “yesterday at a liquor store”  I says:  “are they up over $5.00 a pack now?”  and he say yeah, but what’s my problem?  I politely responded to him that if he could fork out $5.00 to whatever a carton of those things are nowadays, dontcha think you could put a little aside for gas ???  Turned on my heel and strode off to fill OUR car !!!

We see men/women ‘specially by the freeway offramps nowadays holding up the ridiculous signs saying:  Out of Work, Kids need food, etc. etc.  But while standing there hold said signs, they’re wearin $300 tennys, a $200 dollar Raider jacket, and who knows WHAT the sunglasses cost !!! And oh yeah;  those $5 pack of “cancer sticks” they’re sucking on while standing there.

I just don’t get it.

We have addressed this issue before.  Most of the time, I just ignore them.  The gas can is a new wrinkle around here too.  I noted that the last time we were in the city, almost all of the panhandlers and the beggars had a red gas can with them.  Used to be a dog, but he has been replaced evidently.  It is almost a mirror image of what you are saying here, always can see a pack of smokes in the shirt pocket… and I liked this one … We saw one of them, in uniform, cardboard sign “anything helps” and he was talking on his CELLPHONE!

Nice try … but no cigar.*


*Nice post Joe, by the way, just under 400 words.