Land Of Opportunity … If you don’t live here.

Your Tax Dollars At Work … Did you know that you are paying for children that live in Mexico, to the tune of billions of dollars in relief, because of an I.R.S. loophole?  Well, you areWouldn’t it be nice, to sit down in April, and list not only YOUR children, but your niece and nephews as dependents, who do not live with you, who are not even in this country, and then in return get a huge tax return?

Now we come to how much money we are we talking about here?  Would you believe, all of this, which has been in place and being abused for over ten years, is going down the tubes each year to the tune of $4.2 billion dollars (annually) and that 22 million undocumented illegals are currently being shown on the rolls taking full advantage of this Tax Code Loophole.  A loophole that the video says “the I.R.S. is unwilling to fix.”

  Sound too good to be true, well unfortunately, it isn’t. 

Click on the link and watch the video.


It’s just about enough to make a body sick.  Our Government makes it so easy for them, but when YOU need help … Well, you know the rest of it dontcha?


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