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If you are a regular reader, you will notice some things missing.  I have been making some changes, sorry.  It has come to my attention (thanks Bill) that I have gotten a little verbose in some of my postings.  So in order to correct this, I am going to make an honest effort to make my posts shorter and hopefully …. More interesting.

(This will be my first attempt, it is about 300 words)

This morning I am once again looking at the webpage and this guy I have never met, a Mr. John Mellis, is broke down in Atlanta, Ga.  This is no good, when you own a bus and you break down, well, that directly hooks you up with a wrecker, repair shop, and big bucks.  Never a good deal.  Finding yourself in the foot patrol and a lot of people wanting to meet you and see how deep your pockets might be.

Mr. Mellis Coach

The thing that fascinated me about it was I was broke down in Atlanta some five years ago, and the guy that Mr. Mellis called to haul him in, his wrecker, is the same wrecker I had when I had the misfortune to break down in that area.  Wonder what the odd’s are on that?

Our bus at back of the lot at repair facility

Both of our buses hauled by the same guy and both of them taken to the same place for repairs.  That is kind of incredible to me, to read of that some five years later.

Dead in the water 8ft off the slow lane

That is one thing computers have done … they have made the world just a tad bit smaller than it used to be.  On some days you find something really magical and on other days, the rest of it just sort of fades away.

9 thoughts on “Hit And Run

  1. This is cool, but I never minded your verbose stuff…It was interesting, which is the point, right?


    • Why thank you, I have not had a lot of complaints, and as you are most likely aware, I usually do what it is that I want to do here. Have made a small change and have cut it back a bit, this is nothing new, I have done it before.

      The numbers hold up either way, so some will and some won’t, so do and some don’t, we might … maybe?

      Have a great weekend,



    • You, too, Don. Going to a bachlorette party tomorrow in OKC…I’ll drink a tequila shot in your honor!!


    • Don’t forget the “one dollar bills!” Yeah I know, but what can I say? Make sure you read this tomorrow, good piece on the government giving all of your money away to illegals, to the tune of $4.2 billion “annually.”

      Unbelievable,but it appears to be true.



    • You got it…I’ll check it out..And I’ve got plenty of dollar bills… :)


  2. Love my bus and have taken the ole girl on a long distance oddessy once but she is basically relagated to short runs for the time being. Even though I have spent a lot of money and time to make sure she’s road worthy and can travel from shore to shore I find it hard to relax on the road knowing the pitfalls that can incur while not close to the home shop! It’s not that I don’t trust her. I just don’t have time to deal with problems. Maybe someday I’ll fire the ole girl up and head to nowhere, notime and nobody. For now… I really enjoy just taking her 30 miles and spending the weekend.


    • I was wondering about your adventures for the summer. We are lined out for two trips out of state, and the rest of the year, it is going to sit in the shop, or the casino parking lot, whichever comes first.

      The pitfalls are real and you certainly are right about that. Last year it cost us $1800 just to get out of Nevada and limp home on temp. repairs.

      I did enjoy your comment and can agree with you on just about all of it.

      Thanks for checking in Scott



  3. Prior to retirement in 2006, I used to deliver Nissan parts for a dealership in Tracy, CA. On Thursdays, I had to make what was called the “hill” run which involved Angels Camp, Sonora, Oakdale and afew others outside of San Joaquin County, CA.
    I remember one day I had to stop at a Chevron station in Angels Camp, CA. Now I know the reason these stations put “arrows” to show the folk HOW to pull up to their pumps, but alas, not ALL folk do it ! Well, when one pulls into this station, the RIGHT way, there’s a wall which makes it difficult for even a volkswagon to pull out and to the left to get back into the street.
    That day, some poor ol’ senior citizen and his bride pulled into the station, with whatever a Rav 4 is nowadays hitched to the rear, in a bus that looks something like yours Don. I know, I know, you’re gonna ask WHY did he not just un-hook the Rav 4 from the bus and fill it??? Well, that’s what “senior moments” are all about I guess.
    After delivering said parts and getting my receipts and all, I went up to that poor soul and asked if there’s anything I can do to help him BACK out of the station? After he and his bride stopped laughing so hard at THEIR predictiment, he said: I’ve been a trucker all my life, had this bus all over the US of A for the last 10-15 years, and if I CAN’T get the damned thing back out there in the street, we’re gonna auction it off right here, take the Rav 4 back home and we’ll just concentrate on fishing !!! These folks were from Grand Island, Nebraska, a place I had visited many times while in the USAF !!!


    • Man, I remember those places well Joe. Seems like a lifetime since I have even been in that area of the country. Most likely will never see them again as the C.A.R.B. people in California say my bus is no longer welcome so I just stay away. (Even when the U.S.Constitution says I can enter California any time I wish … the “right” to travel freely, unrestricted from state to state is stated and in place). For those who do not know, C.A.R.B. stands for California Air Resources Board.

      When you drive a bus, you need to pay attention. It does pay to “heed the signage” when you drive one of these monsters, you can get into trouble very quickly. And if a wrecker is required, well you are looking at $1,000 to just hook up and then like a U.S. Savings Bond it just continues to grow from there on out. Doesn’t take a lot of effort or time to become an unhappy camper, trust me.

      We have gotten into (I have gotten into, she usually warns me, “don’t go down there, the sign said ….. ) some pretty tight spots. I had to unhook the toad, back it up four city blocks one time in Washington state. Grand Island is a neat little town, home of the Whooping Cranes and the Sandhills are not far away, been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

      We have a “Bus Life” page that is full of bus related information and/or stories if you want to read about it. Just go to the home page and click on the link that says Bus Life.

      Thanks for your well written comment.



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