Hit And Run

Idle thoughts and Open Road

If you are a regular reader, you will notice some things missing.  I have been making some changes, sorry.  It has come to my attention (thanks Bill) that I have gotten a little verbose in some of my postings.  So in order to correct this, I am going to make an honest effort to make my posts shorter and hopefully …. More interesting.

(This will be my first attempt, it is about 300 words)

This morning I am once again looking at the webpage and this guy I have never met, a Mr. John Mellis, is broke down in Atlanta, Ga.  This is no good, when you own a bus and you break down, well, that directly hooks you up with a wrecker, repair shop, and big bucks.  Never a good deal.  Finding yourself in the foot patrol and a lot of people wanting to meet you and see how deep your pockets might be.

Mr. Mellis Coach

The thing that fascinated me about it was I was broke down in Atlanta some five years ago, and the guy that Mr. Mellis called to haul him in, his wrecker, is the same wrecker I had when I had the misfortune to break down in that area.  Wonder what the odd’s are on that?

Our bus at back of the lot at repair facility

Both of our buses hauled by the same guy and both of them taken to the same place for repairs.  That is kind of incredible to me, to read of that some five years later.

Dead in the water 8ft off the slow lane

That is one thing computers have done … they have made the world just a tad bit smaller than it used to be.  On some days you find something really magical and on other days, the rest of it just sort of fades away.