End Of The Week Dirge

Wow, where has this week gone?  I look up, and whoosh, it is almost finished.  Time to get back up on my soapbox and tell you what I find wrong with today.  Been kind of a slow week here, not a whole lot of comments and it has been for lack of a better word, quiet.

Dear Self did not take off like I thought it would, so next week, I am going to devote an entire week to it, excerpts from all of the authors, for the entire week.  Having found interest in the idea and the concept, I feel a definite need to share it with all of you.

You have been warned.

Wind is supposed to blow again today, so I am in no big hurry to get out there and hit it.  Which is a break for the home team I suppose.  I just took a moment to email a friend of mine with a link, and low and behold, I absolutely forgot where it was that I was before the email.

Much too often I find myself walking into a room and thinking to myself, “What in the hell am I doing in here?”  My eyes search the room screaming out to my brain …. “Where is it?  Where is it?” … And my brain screams back … “WHAT IS IT?  WHAT IS IT?”

Does that ever happen to you?

Thank goodness for the “history” feature of the web browser.  Without it … on a lot of days, I would be totally lost.  But then again, being lost on the computer is no new thing for me, this is not my first rodeo.

Having said all of that, I will now close with this.  Thanks for stoppin by today to read my particular round of drivel and semi-related-text-fodder (fodder-al?), dropping by to spend a little time here between the lines, wondering what it is that makes this guy tick.  That was nice of you and I sincerely hope you got something from the piece.

I think I did.

Today I have figured out that “life without computers, is some of the best time you can spend with yourself.”  If you want a good investment of your time and energy, go find a pond and skips some rocks, take a walk with your grand-daughter and show her the wonders and mysteries of life.  Get off your keyboard and get outside.  Life is short … Enjoy the Ride. 

Have a great weekend, we will see all of you on Monday.



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