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On some days, you come in, sit down, pull it all up and there it is … “Add New.”

At that point you realize, you have nothing.

Used to be that would really bother me.  I ranked it right up there with no one returning my phone calls, not answering my emails, or no response to my written inquiries, my first stolen bicycle and a bad case of the flu.

Now days … Well it just doesn’t bother me all that much.

I guess you just learn to take it all with a grain of salt, you weigh it for what it is, and then you move on.  Today, as the wind blows again some 20-30 mph out of the south, I am going to drink one more cup of coffee and then go out and clean up my shop.

When I have something interesting … something “new” … I will put it up.


2 thoughts on “Add New

  1. Well this guy ain’t no Michael Jackson, but sitting in clogged traffic and all, and that “beat” that Jackson’s music created, gets your juices flowing !!!
    I remember years ago when the wife and I were married and renting in San Leandro, CA the local news had two guys; Van Amberg and Jerry Jensen that did the news. Everynow and then they’d show the two traffic cops, one in Oakland, the other in San Francisco, doing THEIR thing with the people and traffic. It definately was the highlight of the news in my opinion. Unlike with today’s “talking heads” back then they were not competing for “face time” and mugging for the camera !


    • I saw one on Candid Camera that was pretty neat, that was a long time ago. I share your views and/or opinions on the news media. The other day they had Rosie Odonnel commenting on Lindsay Lohan and I was thinking “who in the world cares what Rosie Odonnel thinks about ANYTHING.”

      Thanks for chiming in.



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