Wheel Polish

A little bit of everything.

If you own a bus then one thing is for sure.  You are eventually going to own one or two tubes, or containers, of every known polish and/or cement or sealer in the world.  It is just a rule of life.

As our coach is 29 years old, and parts for it are somewhat rare, I replace everything with truck-stuff whenever I can.  Consequently, I spend a lot of my time in outfits that sell stuff for trucks, I switch over to truck parts whenever possible.  Recently I have come up with a couple of products that I have discovered at Chrome Shops that truckers use that are working well for me.

As I grow older I seem to hate polish work with a passion, rooting and scooting on a shop floor is not my idea of a good time.  If I can find anything that makes the matter simpler and easier to do, then so be it, that is just fine with me.

I came across this polish at Eagle Interiors in Okie City and it is easy to work with and produces good results.  WAB “Gray Matter” metal polish is for light/medium oxidation and it brings the sheen out to a mirror finish on Alcoa’s.  It is the polish on the left in the photo, with the black and silver lettering.

The WAB product is easy to apply and comes off the same way, I use micro-fiber rags or old T-shirts on the final wipe down.  One thing that I really like about it, is the fact, that it cuts the jewelers rouge sludge that always seems to accumulate on the wheels during the polishing process.  It is advertised as not only a polish but also a metal rejuvenator and it produces a long lasting shine.

The other two products I have used with success are:  Master Formula Metal Gloss (white and black container green lettering) and Master Formula Sealer Gloss (black and red container) and these are two step items.  The first one, Mast-Form-gloss is the polishing agent per say, it works on virtually all metals, and gives what I consider a “wet look.”

It too is easy to apply and comes off just about the same.  The other part of the process is Mast-Form-Sealer, this goes on after and it is said to produce a bond or sealer agent that can last up to one full year.  It will work on plastic’s, glass, clear coat paint work, and metal.

Be advised none of these items are “cheap” and be ready to shell out some bucks for the product. 

I purchase all of my materials and products in Okie City from Eagle Interiors a local chrome shop for truckers.  Randy will be glad to help you out and answer any questions you have.  You can reach him at 405-495-1899 or he can be found at 212 Alliance Blvd, Okie City, Okla 73128.  He ships UPS anywhere in the U.S.

If you want something to look like a million bucks … without spending a million bucks … this is the stuff.


Good Girls

Carrie Underwood has to be the best thing to come out of Oklahoma in over twenty years.  Watching her in the new video “Good Girl” just warms my heart, but of course, this is spring (May 1st) and a man’s fancy turns to lighter things this time of the year.

Out of all the technology that I have been exposed to in the 21st Century, the DVR has to be, hands down, the best of all of it.  I can rewind her video and watch it over and over, as many times as I wish.  I did the same thing with Country Girl* last year, over and over, dulling my senses like a good narcotic the DVR met my every need.

I suppose every man wants a “Good Girl” or at least he wants to marry one.  In the bedroom he wants a hooker, a bad girl, someone who will take the innovative approach and take charge, someone to draw out of his dark and secret places, the lust in his heart.

But it is the “Good Girl” that he desires to manage his family and bear his young.

So, when you think of a “Good Girl” who is it that comes to mind?  Doris Day?  Rachel Raye?  (Now that one will age a few of us, huh?)  Certainly not Cher, Madonna or Shania Twain.  It is so easy for one to conger up the image of a “bad girl” but the “good girl” thing, takes a little work.

As a nation of “less than desirable role models,” we often have to strive to find the positive image that walks around us. It is sort of like having $19 in the bank, you can see it there, standing at the ATM, but you just know they are not going to give it to you.  We know that she (the good girl) is out there … but locating her …. well, it’s not often that easy to do.  It is just our nature, if you do not believe that, then just ask any Secret Service Agent, they can clue you in.

(Please take into consideration here, that I am not saying that all women in the U.S. are whores and sluts, just that we have our fair share of them and nothing more than that.  We do not wish to slander any whore or slut, living or dead, and if so, it was purely coincidental and not on purpose.  That should kill off any nasty emails from my aunt Alice in Cleveland, Ohio).

Image is important to all of us, no doubt about it.

I personally have asked my wife to bury me 8 feet down, so that later on in life, she can truthfully say … “Deep down he was a nice guy.”

Same with our women, image is important if not everything.  We put our ladies up on a pedestal and we worship them, we revere them, we spend our every waking moment in life, trying our best to please them.  All the time wishing in the back of our mind that just once, I wish she would be a bad girl just for me.

It takes our mind off the other things in life that are pressing concerns for us, and cause us unnecessary anxiety.  Stuff like …. “Will the world really increase eleven degree’s in temperature, in the coming century, and melt off the ice caps?  In just a few short decades, a mere fraction of time, will Europe become as inhospitable as the ever changing sands of the Sahara?

As the ice sheet melts, and millions of people in low lying areas are flooded out, and others have no drinking water, what will happen?  Will there be wars over resources, famines, and the total collapse of state structures across the globe?”

When you stop and think about that, well, it is really easy to understand why a guy would sit in his best easy chair, and rewind over and over the “Good Girl” and try to think of something pleasant in nature.

Or in other words, as Dr. Phil would say …. How’s that workin for ya?

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to trot over here and read this piece about some grandparents pulling the tot behind the car in Florida.  (Why is it all the truly weird stuff always seems to come out of God’s Waiting Room … Florida)


*  Country Girl Video here … Crank It Up