Pond Project

We have not been spending a lot of time at the keyboard here lately, as we have had other interests that were ongoing, one of which, is the pond project.  Kind of buttoned it up this week, and although it is mostly dry (only has 18″ of water in it at present) it is for the most part finished (We are giving it a little time to settle in and then it will get filled).

Pond Statistics:  100 feet long, 50 ft wide, average depth when filled is 4 foot.  The bottom end of the pond is 25 inches lower than the east end, and it is built up an additional 33 inches on top of that (51 inches).  It is fed by two sources, a 175 ft long french drain system and a 55 foot straight feed 4″ pipe.  It collects almost every available drop of rain water coming off the hill.  When it is drawn down to minimums, it is a little over 18 inches deep average, and the east-end goes to a depth of 6 feet.

One of the interesting things in the photo’s is the change of seasons, first no leaves on the trees, all the grass is dead.  Then spring arrives, the pond fills, the green explodes and life begins anew.  That is kind of cool.  There are huge piles of dirt visible and then they slowly disappear.  At one time, there were as many as 12 to 14 piles of dirt on the property but most of it has been fixed now, one pile remains, and that will eventually be used as fill material for a waterfall on the far end.

All in all, it has been worth the effort and the time, it is nice to go out in the shank of the evening, about the time the Purple Martins start to feed, and watch them make their lazy circles in the Oklahoma Sky in the cool shade as the sun slowly sets in the west.  My own little slice of heaven here on the plains.

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It has been a chore.

Have a great weekend …. I will see all of you on Monday.


2 thoughts on “Pond Project

  1. Great pics Don ! Seems to me that you’ve picked a project that’s gonna take awhile, what with your weather there in “fly over” country!
    The wife and I have owned afew homes in our time; three of ’em we had to do the lawn, flower beds and all that, but NOTHING on the scale that you’ve taken on ! Our last house that we owned and sold ’bout 7 years ago, was purchased new, and doing all that stuff with motorized post hole diggers, rakes, nailed together 2 x 4’s for “leveling”: IT’S A CHORE !
    Now we live in a double wide mobile home with a nice veranda to sit on, watch the three different female hummingbirds feed at the feeder, the quail sneaking around ever wary of the cats that are NOT supposed to be let out. This time of the year the geese have arrived, and instead of 4 families, we only see 3 this year. The first pair is already on their second litter !!!
    In our little part of the world, it’s obviously not the size of what your pics show, but like you and yours, we enjoy sitting and watching life and nature for what it will bring each day. The only thing I miss ’bout the ol’ house is all my rose trees that I started with from scratch, and the 2-car garage !!!


    • The nice thing about all of this, is the fact that “for the most part” it is done. I have no more long days on the tractor, no more hours digging with a shovel to make a drain. It is there to enjoy and use. That is the good part.

      It is nice to have a place, a quiet special place, to just sit and meditate things.



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