WordPress.Com Is Wrong

Creative Endeavors should go over 1.2 million visitors sometime this month, we are just a tad shy of the mark right now (about nine thousand short) and with our daily hit count, this goal, should be achievable.  Why?  I really do not know, I just hit it when I can, I mix it up, I try and make it interesting.

It is not adversarial, and not all that controversial in nature or scope.  We do our best to keep it clean most of the time, but it has at times, got a little randy, and we don’t apologize for it.  We just continue to make it a nice little watering hole where you can come to be amused, confused, but never abused.

That is all you need to do.

WordPress.com is wrong …  I read all these “self help hints” and all that jazz, but the truth is, “it doesn’t work.”  You can put up a thousand pictures in your post, you can post every day, you can make it interesting as all get out.  But that doesn’t insure you are going to grow ex-potentially (you are not supposed to use big words either) and you will never have comments out the kazoo and a reader-base that is the envy of the Internet social networking community by following these guidelines.

It just doesn’t work that way.  At least that is my take on it.  If you don’t believe me, “look at your own stat’s and try to figure out why you are not Fresh Pressed or sitting on top of the pile” and let it eat on you.

We put up a post not long ago, that had over 1,800 views in one day (our all time high is 124,000) and it generated but two comments if I remember it right.  It had pictures, it had good material, it was somewhat interesting … but it didn’t hit any home runs.  It had all the ingredients of the WordPress.com formula for success, but it did not create any.  Go figure.  Anywho, we should hit 1.2 million visitors around May 1st or possibly sooner, and that is a hoot, I don’t care where it is that you live.

Growing Your Own …  Officials have charged an Oak Park, Mich., homeowner with a crime for growing vegetables in her own front yard.  Although the vegetable garden is tidy, city planners say vegetables are “not what we want to see in our front yards.  The city code requires “suitable” vegetation, which they define as a “nice grass yard with beautiful trees and bushes, and flowers.”  So there it is, “you don’t own anything in this world, you are just a caretaker, and if you don’t grow it the way they want it, you are screwed.”

C section, and this one I suspect was a capital C …  A woman in Longview, Texas, gave birth by caesarean section to a 16 pound 2 foot long baby, believed to be the largest baby ever born in the state.  No big surprise here, they always say “everything is bigger and better in Texas.”

So much for technology … Miami Florida officials said they would furlough dome city workers because penalties from red-light cameras fell $8 million short of their $10 million forecast.

Almost brings a tear to your eye don’t it?

Watch yo mouth … Meaghan Blanchard, a country singer who called Prince William a “douche” when performing for him and his wife in Prince Edward Island.  “I mixed up duke and duchess” and it came out “douche.  She explained.

That will be something to tell the kids, that’s for sure.

Weather is turning off nice, we have had a respite from all the recent rains (which we sorely needed) and the long dog-days of summer are just around the corner.  LittleSunDog has already went thru five gallons of fuel and 600 ft of weed-eater string!  Now me, I am going to go out and sit down on Mama’s boat dock on the pond that I built this past week.  Sip some Ice Tea and mellow out.

Relax in my wooden deck chairs and watch the Purple Martins fly around the yard devouring copious amounts of bugs.  No Humming Birds this year, I suspect the drought had a lot to do with that.  Only four of our fourteen birds returned from South America this year also.  I suspect it is the drought.  The drought now stretches from North Carolina all the way to Arizona.  A 14 state area which is causing massive crop failures and leaving hard-hit ranchers, struggling to feed their livestock.

Same goes with wildlife, hard times have come to them too.

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff And I will blow …  A Virginia man was arrested after he allegedly burgled a porn shop and was found “attempting sexual relations” with an inflatable woman.  Police were called to the break in at 2/45a.m. and found glass from the front door shattered.  A police dog then led them into the shop’s interior, where the burglar was found in flagtrante-delict-o with a blow-up doll.  It is so sad said the store manager, our stuff is reasonably priced.  Anyone can come in here and purchase it.

There are just some things that MasterCard cannot buy I suppose.  It is kind of like what U.S. Sprint advertises …  “The real reward is making our customers Happy.”

Check your local listings … Last night on the news, the dorks at Channel Five were doing a story on a meteor shower in the heavens.  The usual “go outside the city, find a dark place, and observe this wonder of nature” was put forth, typical media drivel.  Here is the part I found so intriguing.  She also said, “If you don’t know where to look exactly, just Google this constellation on your Smart Phone” and it will tell you where to look.

(Uh?  Duh!  We don’t all have smart phones!)

Which co-incidentally was just about the same time I told them “where they could go” and changed the channel.  See you at the water cooler …  (Just Google it on your smart phone or ask someone in the hallway where it might be, that always works for me)



8 thoughts on “WordPress.Com Is Wrong

  1. That poor woman who gave birth the the two foot long, almost-a-toddler sized baby…Mother of God, but that had to be uncomfortable carting around!!


    • I cannot for the life of me, even begin to fathom what it would have been like to have to lug that (16 lbs of unborn soul) around with me all day long. Incredible. Our last grandbaby was a premie, weighed in at less than a bag of sugar, and he kind of scared me. I had never saw one that little before.

      Thanks for your comment



  2. Those stats are very impressive d. Well done. I gave up on being freshly pressed a long time ago. Now I just write about whatever crap comes to mind. Lol.


    • Well, there you go! Hit the wrong ##@#!!# key and it all went south on me. Try it again. The stats are impressive I suppose, but it is just another milepost, which will roll over sometime this month, and then it will be the same old stuff from there on out. It is rather steady and for that, I am thankful.

      I read your posts, don’t comment as much as I used to, but I have copped a sub on your site and I see it.

      Thanks for your comment,



  3. I don’t have a smart phone. I have no desire to be that connected with anything. I never watch Channel Five, mostly because I watch the afternoon news (just before the evening news) and those two ding-bats they have doing the early news aren’t worth strangling. And…. we have gone through at least 40 gallons of gas in the past couple of months. That involves mowing, chain sawing, and running the tiller. There’s plenty of work to be done in the spring before the summer starts heating everything up.

    Thanks for a little spotlight, my friend. I don’t get near the hits that you do… but it’s nice to be appreciated!


    • It’s no big thang, I get hits, but I don’t get a lot of comments. I don’t know what the deal might be on that? Yesterday the stat count was 186 views, and it generated “two comments.” So as you can see, there just isn’t any kind of magic notion or formula for this, it is all the luck of the draw.

      Channel five is one reason it is “illegal in this state for second cousins to marry each other” if you have observed it from time to time, you know of what it is that I am speaking of here? What a bunch of morons. “We keep you ahead of the storm … Yeah right.”

      We had a $550 gasoline tab last month which hurt us for sure, so I know of what it is that you speak. We are the same, just put new blades on the mower, $56 for three blades, and then I had to purchase $105 worth of tools in order to get them on. Right now it is diesel and tractor work, but fortunately, it is pretty thrifty when it comes to engine hours, it does rather well on fuel.

      Enjoyed the Daisy Dance thing the other day.

      I just luv spring .. dontcha know.



  4. Just read the “comment” from Little Sun Dog on the “smart phone” We don’t have a smart phone either, just an ol’ Verizon made by Samsung that I’m only allowed to use when I take the Streetrod to car shows; the same thing with credit cards: that’s a no-no too for some strange reason !
    I comment on the smart phone, ’cause here lately the bride of 46 years has increased her searching for coupons for middle of the week shopping. She came across an add in one of the jillion magazines she pours thru and saw an add from PETCO for something that would intrigue our two cats.
    She was all giddy and stuff as the savings amounted to more then she’s used to.
    She brought the book to my attention and asked what the little square was for to the right of the dog picture on the page. I said: darling, that’s a bar code that ya hafta scan with a cell phone in order to “activate” said add for you to take to the PETCO store. She went and grapped the good ol’ Verizon and says to show her how to do that. Alas, I had to break the news to her that the Verizon (very old model) was only equipped with a camera, and that she’d have to go trade it in for some gizmo that’s gonna cost her a bundle to switch to.
    Needless to say, said magazine was placed with the other paper products she stores up to be taken later to a local animal shelter !


    • Awhile back, these two news types were chatting on air, about the new I-Phone and this one guy says “he had to stand in line all night long to get his.” So then she says, “Don’t you already have an I=Phone?” and he replies, “Yeah sure, this one makes #4 for me.”

      The question begs an answer ….. why? What could #4 possibly do that the other three could not? And at some $900 a pop how stoooopid do you have to be to order four of them?

      I get it all the time, sent to you from my laddy-dah #233 cellphone via Tapa-Talk and a host of other garbage related crap. It got so irritating to me personally, that I added a signature line to all my outgoing emails. It reads:

      Sent to you from my lousy computer.
      All I have is a regular phone …. sorry.

      I mean … who needs it?



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