Life Is One Grand Adventure

Kind of nasty and cold this morning, a surprise, but then again, “this is Oklahoma” the extreme weather capitol of the world.  So I guess I will just sit inside, drink my coffee and savor those salacious Sandal’s commercials on tv and devote myself to whiling away another day … what’s up with you?

Having realized a long time ago, it doesn’t pay to complain about it, I have just learned to adjust and try and go with the flow.  Life is an adventure (or at least it should be) and we all get a shot, what we make of it is our biz.

A friend of mine related a story to me along those lines not long ago, so perhaps, this is the right time to share it with all of you?

He told me that he was out walking his dog with his son who is three.  He also mentioned that the dog, a six month old Golden Retriever was a little difficult on the end of the leash, so it’s sort of like trying to walk two toddlers at the same time.

Having at different times in my life, owned small puppies I know how difficult it can be to walk them.  On most days it is simple, “you just go where the puppy goes.”

But that is another story.

My friend told me that a couple of blocks down the street from his house is an old orchard. It’s unfortunately not really active anymore, but for one block down the street there is no sidewalk, only dirt.

As they were walking along he was saying to his son that they were going to have an adventure by walking on the dirt. The toddler thought that was great fun, of course.

So when they got past that dirt lot, and to the end of the street where it was time to turn back, the small lad hesitated a bit, and then he said he wanted to go on the “adventure” again.

If you are like me, you have to listen very carefully when a youngster talks to you.  My friend, said that when the boy said adventure, it sounded nothing like when he says it.  In fact at first he mentioned that he could barely tell what word he was trying to say.  That is the way it is in the beginning.  Over time, his son will sound like he’s been saying “adventure” all his life and it will sound “normal.”

Stepping out onto the front porch, nothing has changed.

The wind is straight out of the north, it has a bite to it, with veracity it tears at the corner of my eye.  I am not a happy camper, but as the sun slowly rises above the horizon, I know it is important to take my licks and face the day.  I know that over time, things will gradually come full circle and bring back to me, the joys of life, the adventure.

Just takes the wisdom of a kid, to show you the mysteries of life on some days, the words and feelings you are struggling to learn now will sound like your “normal” vocabulary and feel right, later on and will be easily understood by your audience.

No one ever achieved peace by avoiding life, it just doesn’t happen.

Have a great weekend.


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