Things Are Lousy In Jurupa Valley, CA

Here you go, middle of the week, all the news that is fit to print or causes fits in print … you be the judge.

Higher Edumaycayshun …. Police in Milledgeville, GA arrest a 6-year-old girl for simple assault and property damage after knocking over a shelf in a school tantrum that injured the principal. What are our schools coming to … children are upset so we arrest them?  Thank God that monster is off our streets

I got yo’ stuff see if you can finds me?  …. Here is one from the stoooopid criminal files.  A thief in Chicago was charged with stealing $17K worth of merchandise from a Radio Shack, including a GPS device that police used to locate him.

Honey there is something I neglected to tell you before we got married …. An Egyptian man who went online to watch a porno film for the first time got the shock of his life when he found that the woman in the film was his own wife“I found 11 films showing my wife in indecent scenes with her lover … it was the first time I watched a porno film and I did this just out of curiosity,” Ramadan told Egyptian newspapers at his house in the northeastern province of Dakhalia.

Yeah, and I hear people just read Playboy for the articles.

Don’t forget the sunscreen … Just in time for summer, how to hit a nude beach and not stand out.  Bonus articles too, including the best place to get naked, is there really such a place, c’mon?  An added bonus on the same page … Your own cool Border Patrol ball-cap, only $2.99.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas … A new mobile medical unit is patrolling the streets of Las Vegas, providing intravenous fluids to people with wicked hangovers.  With packages starting at $90.  “Hangover Heaven” (catchy name eh?) treats patients with a proprietary blend of fluids, vitamins, and medications that the company claims can “drive the toxins out of your system and get you tuned up to enjoy your stay.”

The New Girl from south of the border … Nearly half of Brazilians are now overweight or obese, the government said this week.  In the past five years, the proportion of people in the land of bikinis who are overweight has ballooned from 43% to over 49%.  Now is the time for them to act to ensure we they reach the levels of countries like say … the U.S. where obese is getting to be the norm.  You don’t believe that?  Been to WalMart lately?

I am a sensentive person, no really, I really am … A convicted rapist prefers death over 20 years in prison, says he is “afraid of being raped in prison,:    “I prefer death a thousand times over being raped,” said Galvan-Hernandez.  A tiny man less than 5 feet in height, Galvan-Hernandez told the court he’d been sexually assaulted numerous times as a street youth in Mexico.  “I want to pay for the act of cowardice,” he added. “I admit it, but I just don’t want to be raped.”

Oh stop please, you are breaking my heart!  Let him serve out the full sentence in the general population and don’t give me this “cruel and unusual punishment” tripe.

When the poo-poo hits the whirly-dirly  (When the **** hit the fan).  Anyone here remember the Boz?  Here is a hint:  Poor Brian Bosworth when he played college ball for University of Oklahoma he was labeled a problem child and complained that no one understood him.  He was a crappy linebacker (in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks fans did not adore him either). He was a crappy actor. Then he was a crappy landlord, apparently. He is being sued over poop problems … time has a way of catching up with all of us I suppose.

Hopefully he’s not a crappy real estate worker now, too.

Let’s form a committee and pool our ignorance …. Here are some people who are really off to a bad start.  The City of Jurupa Valley  has only been city for 10 months now.  The newly formed Planning Commission for the City of Jurupa Valley, CA. it seems is a bit dysfunctional.

The planning commission had a meeting last week to discuss building issues in the city.  One of the issues being discussed was a low income apartment complex for Veterans to be built in the city.  The apartment complex is planned by Mustang Affordable Homes LLC.  Representatives of Mustang Affordable Homes LLC were answering questions that the planning commissioners were asking.

Planning Commissioner Don Porter asked Mustang Affordable Homes LLC representative how the applicants could be screened for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD).

Okay Veterans here we go again.

Just because we might have PTSD, we are a hazard to the public or to the school children who will be walking by the apartment complex.  I don’t know about you but I am tired of these ignorant people.  I worked 30 years for the Santa Fe Railroad with my PTSD.  (I have PTSD, the VA says so).  I did not attack anyone because of my PTSD.  I did not go CRAZY and shoot innocent people because of my PTSD. I have never harmed anyone or anything because of my PTSD.

Yet a Mr. Don Porter would want me screened for PTSD before I could move into a Veterans Apartment Complex?  I am very upset over Don Porter’s question, insinuation or what ever you want to call it.  I think every Veteran should be upset.

These planning commissioners were personally appointed by the Jurupa Valley City Council.  In fact they were hand picked by the city council.  I think everyone should send an e-mail to every member of the city council and tell them what you think.  Then ask for the city council to remove Mr. Don Porter from the planning commission.  We don’t need a person with this kind of mind set on any city’s committee.

This not only affects the Veterans of Jurupa Valley, CA.  This affects every Veteran no matter where we live.

Below are the city council members e-mails.  The very first e-mail is the mayor’s.  Please, lets flood their mailboxes with e-mails telling them how disgusted we are with Mr. Don Porter.

You know there are times I wonder about things.  Little things, big things, often on the very edge of reality, I wonder about stuff when I hear of something like this.  It is getting to the point, that all you have to do in this country, is stick a shovel in the ground, anywhere, and something “ugly is going to come to light.”  It just makes me wonder.  This morning, I was wondering “how big the Petri dish might be” where this country grows all these civic do-gooders and misguided idiots.  I bet it is a whopper.

Here is our Public Service Announcement for Wednesday April 18th, 2012.  Please be advised The Byrd Spring Rod & Gun Club is sick and tired of receiving questions about the Club’s mascot dog who mauled:  Six people wearing Obama tee shirts, four wearing Pelosi tee shirts, two Democrats, 3 Santorni supporters, nine teenagers with pants hanging past their butt cracks, three flag burners, and a Pakistani taxi driver.


See you at the water-cooler.