Watch Your Step … says that if you sprinkle some photo’s here and there, throughout your post, it will improve your circulation.  So please imagine some pictures here and there as you read this.  As for circulation?  I woke up this morning and my left hand was asleep and it has not quite woken up at this time, so I think this post will be a little bit short.

Put my t-shirt on backwards this morning, I just don’t get it, I have at best, a fifty-fifty chance on getting it right.  Those are pretty good odds in anyone’s book.  But I always, or it seems, I always, put it on backwards.  Maybe it would be just be best to stop wearing them altogether.  Personally, I find them an invaluable resource, I mean, “How would I know what it was that I had for lunch, if I could not look down at my t-shirt?”

Think about it …..

Speaking of odds.  When a syndicate of firefighters in the Albuquerque Fire Department won a $10K pay out on the Mega Millions lotto draw, the group knew exactly what to spend the money on …  a fallen colleague.  Firefighter Vince Cordova, 24, has a rare brain tumor that requires urgent treatment in Los Angeles, and operation that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The firemen hope their donation will inspire others to come forward to help him pay his medical bills, and allow him to rejoin the team.

Tickets for last week’s Mega Million game were selling at a brisk one million per hour in the 48 hours before the drawing.  A 2008 study found that households with annual income less than $13K per year spend an average of 9% of their money on lottery tickets.  By the way … Just so you know (as Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond would say) … It would take the Federal Government just 80 minutes to spend the entire $640 million dollar payout.

That folks is incredible.

Didn’t take long, now someone is actually acting out the Hunger Games … A California woman is suing McDonald’s claiming it’s the burger chains fault she became a prostitute.  Yeah, and I am going to file mine today, for them making me into a hot wing.


Obama Care is now in the hands of the Supreme Court.  Kind of ironic,  a government sponsored HMO which I suppose now means …. “Hand Over Your Money … Or Die.”

Tampa officials have released a list of items considered a security threat during the Republican National Convention in August, including water pistols, masks, and even pieces of string.  By the way firearms are not on the list.

Donal Trump, owner of the Miss Universe pageant, has overturned a decision by pageant officials to bar a transgender Canadian contestant from competing.  As long as she meets the standards of legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, which we understand that she does, she can compete.

Must be nice being the boss and the owner.

Thinking outside the box … I suppose this will leave the door wide open for the white pasty faced little boys to get into the girl scouts and sell cookies.

Just when you thought you have heard or seen it all …..

A Chicago woman had to be rescued recently because “she walked off a pier, while texting on her phone.” 

Makes me wonder what it was that she was texting?

Don’t know the exact directions.  Using my phone navigator.
Finally getting the hang of texting while …
Course am at work.  Where else would I be?

An idiot will try anything … that is how you KNOW they are an idiot.

Well, I am outta here, I have those wake up its early, wash your face its dirty, eat your eggs and oatmeal rush to work blues … Time to get cracking.

What else is there to do on a Monday?


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4 thoughts on “Watch Your Step …

  1. Suing McDonald’s for becoming a hooker? This I gotta find.


  2. I’ve taken a day and “think” about your “wardrobe” malfunction. Over the years, I’ve been ragged on regarding my nationality (s) and depending what crowd I’m in at the time, I explain that I’m Irish, German, and Polish and pretty proud of that fact. However, in SOME social circles I’m involved in (Car Shows, etc) the sad fact is brought up to me that Polish people can ALWAYS put on their undies without fail: yellow to the front, and brown to the rear !!!
    I believe, like you’ve admitted, ALL of us at one time in our lives have spilled something down the front of whatever we’re wearing. Can’t count the times that the wife has thrown out many of my tank tops, hot rod shirts, etc. ’cause there’s a pizza stain, grease, or whatever on them. I go dig ’em out and patiently explain to her that those items ARE ME ! And would ya please run ’em thru the wash cycle just one more time ?


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