Walking Wounded

This past weekend, I had some guys in uniform come up to me outside the local WalMart and ask me for a donation for “wounded war vets.”  I don’t know if this was on the up and up or not, but it is kind of sad, we spend all of this money on all of this other crap, but we evidently cannot take care of our veterans in this country.


3 thoughts on “Walking Wounded

  1. As a people we make grandiose statements about honoring our veterans, and we do on a few occasions each year. But when it comes to spending money on them, we tighten the purse strings. Better to give bailouts to banks and subsidize oil companies than to help a veteran find housing.


    • These guys looked on the up and up, everything seemed to be alright. I just felt a tinge of sadness for them, having to panhandle funds like that. Just thought it wasn’t right.



  2. This really makes me sad. I’m so disgusted with our government… our people. What have we become?


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