All Pumped Up.

Our bill for gasoline came in Saturday, man, talk about taking the wind out of your sail?  $514 for the month, the high cost of gasoline is eroding what was left of the good life at a rapid pace these days.

The Center for American Progress has an analysis which finds that each penny rise in the average quarterly (three months) price of a gallon of gas corresponds to a $200 million increase in quarterly profits of the big five oil companies—BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell.  Since the beginning of the year, the price for gasoline increased 29 cents per gallon. If that average increase holds true through the end of March, it will translate to $5.8 billion in additional profits for the big five.  You can read more about it here. 

Saturday was a good day, despite the bad news in the mailbox.

Mowing the backyard I came across a nest of baby rabbits in a corner of the yard (sorry no pictures).  It kind of got me to thinking about one thing in particular.  No matter how rotten the world gets, no matter how sorry the news each night on the TV, no matter what kind of crap that gets thrown into the mixer … Nature and life continue on.  We could learn a lot from nature, it feeds the strongest and the weak are left to die often an untimely death.

But in the end, nature survives and life as we know it, continues.

Perhaps all of our priorities are askew?  Could it be that we are looking at all this the wrong way and no longer have an inkling of what is right and what is wrong.

Guess I am just tired of a steady diet of crap sandwiches here lately … being spoon fed to me by my government.  Maybe it is time for us to stop “kissing everyone’ ass and start kicking some of them” and show them to the door.  We should develop a policy of payback and stop horsing around with all these two-bit dictators and religious malcontents.

Perhaps it is time to develop and nurture a totally new mindset in America.

Each week I scan the horizon for some kind of hope.  But sadly, we seem to be right where we have always been, on the losing end of the stick.  We are making the same old mistakes over and over, we never seem to learn.  All the tired old hippies that were going to uproot and revamp this country, stepped out to lunch a long time ago, and they never came back.

"I'll run over and pick up our welfare check. Then drop by the University to see what's holding up my Federal Education Grant, meanwhile you go to the free clinic to chedk on your scabies and pick up my new glasses, and then we will meet at the Federal Building at noon for the mass picketing of the stinking establishment.”

“I’ll run over and pick up our welfare check.  Then drop by the University to see what’s holding up my Federal Education Grant, meanwhile you go to the free clinic to check on your scabies and pick up my new glasses, and then we will meet at the Federal Building at noon for the mass picketing of the stinking establishment.”

Obama ran on a platform of “Change.”

So where is it?

We are still doling out this Democratic Welfare (Foreign Aid) and we have yet to cut off the freebies.  Throwing money at the problem never solves it, you cannot and will not win following a policy such as this.  People need a helping hand up, not a hand out.  Now they are saying it is undignified to ask a person on public assistance for a drug screening?  They didn’t have any problem screening me in my railroading career … but we cannot screen someone on the public dime?

I hope and pray, that some day, and be it soon, things will finally change in this country.

A day when an Arab enters a taxi …  Once he is seated he asks the cab driver to turn off the radio because he must not hear music as decreed by his religion and, in the time of the prophet, there was no music, especially Western music which is music of the infidel’s and certainly no radio.

So the cab driver politely switches off the radio, stops the cab and opens the back door.

The Arab asks him: “What are you doing man?”

The cabby answers: “In the time of the prophet there were no taxis.  So get out and wait for a camel.”

Yeah, that would be a good day for sure.

If hooking up one Islamic terrorist prisoner’s testicles to a car battery to get the truth out of the lying little camel shagger will save just one American life, then I have only three things to say:  “Red is positive, black is negative, and make sure he is watered down.”

You don’t like us, that is fine.  I will park my car and YOU can eat your oil.

You want public assistance?

Piss in the dixie cup like I did to keep my job and feed my family.  Seems only fair to me. Just for the record … I didn’t like it any more than you will, but I did it, what makes you so special?

Man-Man … A whole nest of baby rabbits, life is so good.  The way things have been going here lately, this could not have come at a better time, I may be forced to eat them all later on this summer.

Yeah, I know.  Don’t send me any letters.


Why Bother

On Friday I put up a questionnaire or a blog poll device to see what the average age of an Avatar Photo might be.  No big deal, was just curious is all.  On that day, a little over 174 read the post, on the second day it was 147.  Out of that total number, over the weekend, only five people bothered to initiate or complete the survey.

It makes me wonder, “Why do we even bother?” apparently most of the reader’s who read the piece, could care less.

Now you understand why it is that they say the “average American voter is apathetic” and why it is so hard to get anything done in this country.  When you experience voter fatigue on something so simple as clicking on a button to send some information, then it appears you have a problem.

Anyway, thanks to the five that bothered.  As for us, well, I don’t see us running any more polls in the future, that is for sure.