It’s What YOU Make Of It

“had a good day yesterday i went to a truck salvage yard looking for a outside sunvisor for my 57 crown bus he first showed me a alum one with all the mounting brackets for $40 he then pulled out a nice fiberglass one but it had a bad crack they keep looking but we found none that would work so i asked the owner how much for the fiberglass one he said free i said thanks and was pulling out when a guy came running after the car yelling i stopped and he told me the owner said i can have the alum sun visor with all the hardware for free also .  then i stopped by a bus garage and asked if they had a old hand operated door opener / closer he had one with all the parts the rod the door mount even the bolts . you guessed it he gave it to me free oh what a good day … john”

It all what YOU make of it.  YOU have the right to choose, YOU have the right to walk away.

Zendictive Never Quit


(Graphic lifted from Motley News)