Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho

The dog got me up again last night.  You see, I live in the country, and in the country especially during the night time hours, we have different critters roaming about.  There is a large population of coyotes in our area, and they going about howling and making all kinds of noises late at night and often until the wee hours of the morning.

Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho … hour after hour …. Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho (Why don’t you go chase a rabbit!)Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho-barkie-barkie (Well yo mama was Lassie!)

They will bay loudly at the moon and then go “Howwwwwwwie … which in coyote language means … All Dogs suck!”  And then you have on the other hand,  a similar population of non-roving dogs who respond with  ….. Ooooooooooooooooo-Ahrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooo-Howwwwwwwwwie … which in dog language means …. Coyote’s are stupid and they suck!”

Bark-bark.ARRRWHoooooooooooo ….. (why don’t you get a real job, like fetching your masters’ paper!) Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho (It’s cold out here, when is it gonna be summertime?)

Hour after hour … back n forth. 

In the meantime, I walk around the house, like some kind of underworld sleep deprived zombie, bouncing off walls and mumbling incoherently about …. where is my shotgun?  Asking myself …  Why are all these people posting pictures of their cats with bread on their head?  Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho (Why don’t you find a sick cow and sit underneath it) Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho-barkie-barkie (You are so stupid you would eat cat food!)

I suppose the coyotes just like rubbing it in, they get to come and go as they please, but the dogs, they are tied to their dog houses and the little kibble-N-bits dishes and water-bowls.  All dressed out in their flea and tick collars and shiny ID tags around their necks.  Dogs who sit in a pile of old rubber chew toys, with the squeakers removed, are far more secure and do not howl all that much.  It is these lousy flea-bags who lie around all day long sleeping, giving all the rest of the respectable house-dogs a bad name.

So each night, I am not all that sure, which side starts it first, the symphony of the prairie begins anew.  Around the time the local news ends, our sonata of the plains’ country begins, usually around 10:30PM or about the time non-roving country living humans go to bed.

Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho … (Why don’t you go dig up a bone!) Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho (Why don’t you go coon a creek!) Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho-barkie-barkie (Well you would even fetch a green ribbon at a decent dog show!)

The bright-yellow Harvest moon breaks the eastern horizon, and quickly heads for the night time zenith in the sky ….

Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho … (Why don’t you go chase a car!) Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooobie-who (A much younger bark I note and it sez … What is a car?)

And my all time favorite, Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho … (Why don’t you go chase the mailman!) Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho (Yo are so stoooopid you cannot catch a Road Runner.)

So much for moving from the city to enjoy the peace and quiet of country living.  Now if you watched the video provided and heard the painful mornful sound, you can possibly relate to a similar experience in your life. 

Now go back up, to the video, replay it … Listen carefully to the intense mournful sound of the wolf and close your eyes and think back, see if you can realte to the sound that feeling …. move slowly backwards in time, ah, there it is, April 15th last year ….. Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho

(And yes, Jon, you are right, I need to get out more)



2 thoughts on “Ahroooooooooooo, bark-bark, Aroooooooooowho

  1. I think they all have similar conversations out here. :)
    Who knows? It is a lovely song on some nights, especially when they have the “youngsters around.”



  2. In our little town you can hear plenty of howling and baying. Most evenings and throughout the night we hear the coyotes. They can be miles off and we hear them clear as a bell. I used to love the sound, until Daisy deer came along. Now I’m not so much a fan of the coyotes. Just the other day I saw Ms. Foxy down in the canyon, barking. It’s mating season for foxes. I wonder if she’s got a mate yet?
    ” I wonder if she’s got a mate yet?” Beats me, and don’t believe those rumors about me and the small farm animals either.

    I am innocent.



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