Find Your Happy Place

Here is your Prescription and Ankle Bracelet

I started out to write about “being happy” and where it is that one would want to live, to be truly content in this world?  Not an easy subject by any means.  All my good intentions on this subject seemingly have evaporated into thin air, and I again find myself regrouping and asking myself the same old question.  “Is it me or has this world we live in, gone totally ##@#$!#F** insane?”  This having to prove you are a solid citizen crap before you can get something, hell anything done, is getting pretty old.

Just yesterday, I thought I was happy, having recently been sick and recovering somewhat, I ventured out to get a prescription refilled.  It was good to be on the move for a change, it was good to get out and about the masses, it was time to refill my prescription.

Bad move.

It was sort of like that old song, “I fought the law, and The Law won.” Remember that one?  So here is the background, to get everyone on the same page, to set our sail and to chart our course … get us up to speed.   I get sick.  I go to the doctor and I tell him I am sick, he prescribes for me medicines that I take home and use.  The doctor, who is not currently living inside my pain-filled body and does not know how I am responding to the virus that has me down, makes an educated guess on just how much medicine and what type of treatment, that I need to use, in order to combat this enemy of my good health.

I understand that.

At home however, it is apparent to me, sitting on the throne pushing it out one end, and bringing it up and depositing it in to hand held trash can on the other end, that is is clearly not working.  (Yeah I know TMI = Too Much Information)  It seems to me that the dosage (one teaspoon per day, is NOT going to cut it) and is far too low, so being as I am my best health care advocate in the end, I increase this to “two doses” per day which seems to work.

This apparently, was my first mistake.  I do not call the doctor, I just try and take care of business.  Everything seems to be working just swell and my situation improves.  Increasing the dosage works for me, it does however I discover later on, does not work for the law.

Here lies the problem.

The prescription runs out, prematurely because I have “increased the dosage” and unknown to me, it presents a new hurdle to my recovery efforts and my journey back to healthy living.  I go to refill it and they will not do this, even tho’ the label clearly states “one refill.”

Somewhat irritated (which isn’t anything new when you are sick), I ask the pharmacist bluntly, “What is the problem?”  The druggist says to me “that he is required by law to call it in” and after calling it in, that it cannot be refilled because it was written as a 20 day prescription” (at the very best I have to wait until the 28th of the month according to the law) and being that I am early on this, he cannot refill it.

Which to me just doesn’t make sense, and I will try and tell you why.

#1:  The doctor writes his “best guess” on the dosage and the prescription.
#2  As long as you can prove that you are this person (on the prescription) and it says one refill … then damn the time limit, damn the law, refill the damn thing.  The last thing a sick person needs, when they are genuinely sick, is a quick case study on pharmaceutical law.
#3  The name of the game is getting better it is not playing games with “the law.

It makes no difference to me what the law says, “I have fulfilled the requirements of the law.  I presented a valid prescription, I had proof of who I was, the doctor agreed that it was written on his pad.  He noted that it could be refilled one time (nothing about time limits on the label by the way) in my way of thinking, this is no big deal.” In other words, “it appeared to me a do-able no big thing type of endeavor.”


The LAW says it cannot be done, so therefore, even tho every requirement is there (which to me is the frustrating part of all this) it cannot be refilled.  The only thing that I did not have was the patience to deal with this apparent ignorance.  I mean, smack my butt and call me Judy, I see NO CRIME being committed here anywhere.  Why do we give all this power to people to deal with us on simple matters which seem to be impossible to solve in the end?

Pretty simple, because it is the LAW

It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to have a valid reason, it just has to be complied with … Why?  Because somehow, someway, we now live in a nation of laws, not common sense, we are told what to do, when to do it, why we can, why we cannot … and I suppose like lot of other Americans, I am getting tired of it.

I see laws in this country each and every day circumvented by the rich or the quick on their feet crowd, they do it all the time.  Often with impunity and careless disregard for anyone and everyone who instituted them in the first place.  But as a citizen I am often required to “toe the line, cross every T and dot every I” when it comes to the law.

And frankly … I am just tiring of all this BS (Bad Situations) being thrust on me to deal with.

So here is the take away, “if you have a bad experience with your doctor or health care provider, you have an option of changing that” which is good.  (For the record:  I am satisfied with my doctor, he is  great guy, does a swell job, and I appreciate him most assuredly)  Now as for my government?  Unfortunately, I am stuck with that, if it runs amuck (somewhat akin to a chicken with its head cut off), sadly there isn’t much you can do for that.  Voting in new representation only creates MORE of them.  I don’t need MORE government, MORE LAW, I just need these moron’s that write it … to leave me alone.

When I need Sudafed for a stopped up Sinus issue, don’t lecture me on Tweakers and Methamphetamine’s, give me what I need.  I am not hoping to score sixty packs of sinus relief or 400 Coffee Filters, I am looking for help.  Run that header on the front page of your rag.

As for the happiest place in the world to live?  “I don’t have clue, but I can tell you this, today it is NOT in El Reno, Oklahoma … It aint even in the top five.”



5 thoughts on “Find Your Happy Place

  1. I feel your pain – er – I know what you are saying. I have a monthly prescription and when i changed jobs, I wanted to make sure I didn’t run out before the insurance transferred, so I tried to get an additional refill. They denied it. It’s not a medication that gets you stoned, so I didn’t understand. I was just trying to avoid running out and having to pay full price ($200+) for it.
    If you like this, then you are going to LOVE OBAMA Care. This is just the start of it, and it is rolling fast now.



  2. Just chalk it up for the good guy paying for the abuse by others of the drug.
    Stop the bus, I want off. I am just so tired of it Shirley, evil dooers get the breaks and we get the shaft. It is all back-asswards.



  3. How could this happen in a state where EVERY statewide office is held by Republicans and both houses of the legislature as well? For a party who claims to want to get government out of our lives, they sure seem to be awfully involved in it. The article headlined in the newspaper in this post is about a bill (two actually) in the legislature to require a person to have a prescription to get Sudafed and similar medications.

    No longer will you be able to self-diagnose and take a sudafed for sinuses. You will have to visit your doctor if you are lucky enough to get in on short notice, get a prescription and have it filled. For the poor without insurance, this will be a great burden and at least a hassle for everyone else. The District Attorneys say it’s because the pseudo ephedrine in the meds are used to make methamphetamine.

    I don’t think punishing the sick is the answer. After all, black powder can be used to make bombs, gasoline can become an arsonist’s weapon and rat poison can become a murder weapon along with knives, baseball bats and many other similar objects. No one is calling for their restriction. People need to contact their elected representatives and oppose this garbage.

    Thanks for bringing this to light.
    No Problem thanks James.



  4. EMAIL:

    Joe in Calif

    Ran into this problem a year or two back with my Doc at Kaiser here in beautiful downtown Stockton. I’m supposed to go in twice a year, April and November and do my blood test thang for my type 2 diabetes. This is TWICE A YEAR mind you.

    I get up at 6:30 am, shower, and hop into the ’48 Streetrod and go over to Kaiser in order to do this. When I pull the “ticket” that shows I’m number 58 in line, (there’s only two of us sitting there!) I’m called to the counter. I’m asked if I have fasted, which I say yes, hand over my Kaiser card and then I’m told I cannot have my testing done.

    I ask the “mouth breather” sitting there hows-come? and am told that my dear Doc has FAILED to email the OK’s or paperwork, whatever, and BY LAW ’til she’s done so, nothing can be done!!!

    I get back home and fire off a blistering email to my dear Doc, (like I’m her only patient and all that other s–t) only to receive an answer saying she’s sorry for the inconvenience!!! I sit there re-reading her answer, just throw up my hands and say: WHAT’S THE [ ] USE???
    People are getting tired of it Joe, just not you and I, but a lot of folks.



  5. EMAIL:

    Hi Don,

    Man, I know what you are talking about, it has been a while but I had a bout with a kidney stone. This was the first one I had ever had and I had no idea what was happening to me and why I was in such pain. I went to my urologist and received my education and a script for pain medicine, which I promptly got filled and all was right with the world again.

    The stone was still there but the pain meds made it tolerable, the plan was to wait to see if I passed the stone, if not, then he would blast it, that was OK, that is until the meds ran out. I called the good doctor and asked that another prescription be phoned in, no problem. All is still right with the world until I get to the pharmacy at seven PM to pick up my prescription. It was not filled, WHAT???

    It was phoned in but since it was a narcotic, it could not be phoned in and thus it was not filled. In the calmest voice that I could use at that time, I patiently told the good pharmacist that I really wasn’t interested in his problem, I had come to his fine establishment to receive relief from the pain that I knew was going to return in a very short while and if he didn’t want my help behind the counter filling my prescription then it would be to his benefit to find some lawful way to got over this hurdle.

    I knew that he was closing in thirty minutes, but I also knew that I was not leaving with out something to stop the return of my pain. I asked him if he understood my position and he assured me that he did. It is amazing what can be accomplished by someone that is properly motivated, in another fifteen minutes, after consultation with my doctor, I had a medication that would relieve my anticipated pain that could be prescribed over the phone.

    He was also well aware that if it didn’t, that he would see me at his front door or in his living room if he chose to not open the door. Aahh, I love it when a plan comes together.

    Hope you got your relief too!

    It is a downright shame, some of the things the consumer has to resort to or threaten to do, in order to just fill the request. I am better and hopefully over it, but I sure as _______ do not like it.



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