Back To Romance

Valentine’s Day is one day out, best get your hinny down to the store and find a suitable card (or convince the dog you need the house more than HE does).

I yearn to journey to a time so very long ago,
A time of misguided youth
Of long lazy summer days
A blanket of little white lies
And whispered simple truths.

Back to a time of simplicity
When life was but a joy
So care free
Uncluttered with obligations
When my vigor and strength
Remained with me all day
A time of few responsibilities.

Back to a time
When I was trim and fit
My arms taught as iron
Back straight and lean
A time now almost obscured and forgotten
A time that somehow sadly escapes me.

Sad truth is
The doctor says I smoke too much
That I am carrying excess
Weight upon my frame
My belly is hanging over the belt
And sometimes
I have trouble hearing the words
My sweet little woman has to say.

For the years are catching me
Fate somehow has my name
I will never, never again
Relive those days
As I search the lines upon my face
As my beard slowly turns grey.

So I trudge on
Day by day
Shouldering the load
I have been appointed to carry
Filling my plate to the brim
Eating too much
Lifting my glass
Drinking to be merry.

Now in the late hours of the night
I steal back to romance
Back to the years of my misguided youth
A time of little white lies
And whispered simple truths

And in the background
The fiddler of time is softly playing
But I am too fat, too tired,
To hear the tune for by one more short dance
Here it is he find me
Sitting in my easy chair
Sadly wishing I had it all back
My misguided youth
Yearning to be back to Romance.



One thought on “Back To Romance

  1. Wish I had some witty and heart warming comment. The one that first comes to mind is Okay you got me.

    When ever I see a post by you I always take the time to read it. I find your quips and humor comforting. Your words are the thoughts that most people just can’t won’t or don’t speak. Your prose is full of humor and honesty.
    You Still Got It !!!
    “You Still Got It !!!” Why thank you baby, I tell my wife that all the time, but she swears up and down, that I forgot where it is that I put it?

    Back to Romance was a fun piece, a little of the good old days and a little taste of the present. Wishful thinkin I guess might fit the bill.

    Where lanes are bright with basil, and a blue sky with clouds that twirl and twirl, young Donnie ran to dazzle and kiss the rose lip girls, no love as light as Donnie who gave his heart at will, and there was more than one rustic orgy on many a moonlight hill.

    But spring’s first buddings often bear a bitter fruit and age prefers its puddings to this unchaste salute, so now when the dusk is humming and the girls come out to play, O’Donnie sees them coming and he just turns and walks away.

    I am so glad you stopped by Alabama Slamma … You always make my day. Catch you later.



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