Go Ahead … Make My Day

A man checked into a bed and breakfast on the ocean front in Maine.  The next morning he woke up to greet the new day and discovered that the beach in front of his room was littered with starfish, hundreds and possibly thousands of starfish.

At the end of the beach he saw one young lad, about 12 or 13 years old, picking them up one at a time, and tossing them back into the ocean.

He walked over to the boy and inquired of him, “What are you doing?” and the boy, without looking up, kept tossing them back into the sea and replied, “I am sending them back.”  The man then said to the young lad, “this is impossible, what difference can it make.”

Again, the boy without so much as looking up, tossed a starfish into the sea and then said … “Makes a difference to this one … and this one … and this.”

I suppose we are all told from an early point in our lives, that most certainly there are going to be things out of our reach.  In my case, it has happened over and over, all thru my childhood and into my adult life.

Early on I remember, I am headed out the door to go to the park and play ball with my buddies and my mother says, “take a jacket with you, it is going to get cold.”

Now being a typical red-blooded American boy, I make my own decision.  I on the other hand reply, “Naw, I don’t need a jacket.”

So she says, “Take the jacket or you don’t go.”  Period.  End of story.  That is the way a Mother deals with youthful misguided rebellion.  Later on in the day, the cold front moves in, and it gets cold.

On another day she says, “If those black kids get in the pool, you get out, they all have diseases.”  And in your heart, even though you are young, something tells you this just isn’t right, but you remember the jacket.  She was after all, right about the jacket.

Having said all that, what is the point?

The point being, you cannot believe everything you see or hear.  That even when the odds are against you in every respect, deep inside you have what it takes to make a difference, you have the ability to reason right from wrong.

A lot of flack this week about Superbowl commercials.  I don’t give a rat’s patooie if Clint Eastwood makes one hundred commercials, if he has the time, the resources, and the will to do it.  Then go for it.  Most of us, will quickly recognize it for what it is, a commercial, which are by nature usually loaded with half-truths, fabrications, and often, outright lies.  It is after all, the nature of the beast.

Here is what I don’t need …. I don’t need anyone in the media to tell me afterwords what it is that he said.  I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.  Too much of this is “hard sell” and it is (in my case) getting to the point of flat out being revolting.

All these people claiming they have all the answers, and they are going to straighten out the country and get us back where we need to be?   Makes me wonder here, locked down in a blue fly-over state, are they truly going to make a difference or is it just more of the same old crap?

Like my old man was fond of saying … “The best sermons are lived, not preached.”