Blah-Blah Yadda-Yadda

I am going to give the American People the leadership that they deserve.  I will bring honesty and integrity back to the White House.  We will cut spending … We will bring the troops home … We will take the steps necessary to insure success.  We will show the rest of the world that Democracy is worth defending no matter what the cost.  We will hold Wall Street accountable.  We will lower taxes.

Man, I am getting where I do not want to turn on the television and that is fact.  It is almost as if a new version of Gilligan’s Island has been instituted on the major networks and I somehow missed it.  All of it a bit tawdry and somewhat asckew, now I understand that we have an elected official in Kansas, Mike ONeil, sending out Emails calling for prayer for the death of our country’s President.

Have we sunk this low? 

The silly season is in full swing in America,

I often wonder what the rest of the world thinks of us, when they see what is going on.



5 thoughts on “Blah-Blah Yadda-Yadda

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think our politicasl system sucks. It has turned into who can put who down the most. It is shameful and how can we expect other countries to have repect for us when our system is so messed up. We continue to try and get everyone to be democratci. I think we ought to fix our own system before we get involved with someone elses.
    I often think that “replacing all of them at one time” not just a few, would be our best bet. Just get rid of the entire sorry lot and start all over from scratch.



  2. OMG! This is freakin’ hilarious!!!!!!
    Kind of gets to you doesn’t it?



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  4. The last line of your comments here can be viewed in a “world-wide” email that was taken in Europe; Germany methinks, wherein our country’s leaders are shown to be cartoon characters and the like.
    My wife of 46 years (1-29-66) was reading ALL of the daily rag this a.m. and spewed out a very, very, chilling statement; at least to me. Says she: “with all the new jobs being announced, troops coming home, and our choices being narrowed for the next Prez, there’d be a possibility that Obama might be re-elected, eh?” Now I’m thinking: How many other people in this nation are reading this type of info, and/or seeing on the tube, might ask, OR think the same thing? Please say it ain’t so !!!
    The troops are not coming home as promised, Obama is reducing the size of the Army in Afghanistan but he is also leaving some 30,000 there to help bolster the Afghan Army which is basically a rag tag bunch of deserters. It is political smoke and mirrors, when you bring ’em home, you bring ALL OF THEM not just some of them.



  5. Oh, you can bet we’re the laughingstock of the world. Obama has clearly proven he’s failed our country and its people. No one is going to touch the last comment about praying for the death of our country’s president… but I have heard people say they can’t believe he hasn’t been assassinated yet. I’m not up on what it takes to impeach the guy… but surely it can be done.
    I always believed it would be best to “vote them out” not eradicate them. As for praying for the demise of another human being, well, I don’t know what religion that might be that condones that, but it appears to me to be a little bit sick. He hasn’t done anything that would be considered an impeachable offense that I know of, Bush and Cheney did, and look what they got.

    Comfortable pensions and a seat on the lecture circuit and big bucks.



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