Tuesday Rant

I am kind of depressed this morning, so bear with me, I thought it was going to be bad, until I remembered something.  “Somewhere there is a Mr. Nancy Pelosi” and then all of a sudden, I felt better.  Ron Paul refused to be searched by an airport TSA screener recently.  He isn’t even President, but is starting to act like one.

Perhaps that is our whole problem in this country anymore, maybe we do need a King.

While we are at it, a TSA worker has been fired after finding a vibrator in an air passengers’ luggage and then putting in a sarcastic note saying, “Get your freak on girl.”  Makes me wonder what my  note might read after TSA got done searching mine?

You ever place a message inside a bottle and then toss it into the ocean?  Long before it was gauche’ to NOT do such things, I did it.  Never did hear from anyone on the bottle I tossed into the surf one Saturday at Santa Cruz.  When Saki Arikawa sealed a selection of keepsakes in a bottle and threw it into the sea of Southern Japan five years ago, she like me I suppose, hardly imagined she would ever see it again.

The Japanese girl’s bottle was recovered on a a Hawaiian beach, with its bounty still very much intact. Four origami figures and a photograph of Arikanwa’s elementary school class.  She is now 17 years of and was so inspired by the discovery that she organized a reunion with a dozen old classmates, she had not seen in years.

Here is another one for the “common sense files.” (I ought to start a regular weekly feature of these things)

A disabled Ohio man has been ordered to stop selling vegetables from his front yard.  He was earning a few dollars selling tomatoes, broccoli, and peppers which helped him supplement his SS checks.  But officials told him its illegal to sell produce from a private home, so now the man will have to give his vegetables away.  In Oklahoma they shut down a ten year old for selling bags of fertilizer around the neighborhoods.  He was scooping up the poop in the horse pen, and then the young entrapnewer was selling it house to house.  They said he had to stop, because he did not have a “biz lic.”  There goes the lemonade stand on the corner this summer I guess?

Not your sharpest knife in the drawer.

A thirty-one year old man applied for a job as a jailer in Warren County, Miss.  During his background check, police discovered that he was wanted for DUI manslaughter in Florida, so he was arrested and jailed.

In Missouri, a customer at a Taco Bell came back with a shotgun after he discovering that the Taco Bell worker had failed to put hot sauce in with his order.

The superintendent of Staunton, Virginia’s schools apologized to 31 teachers for accidentally raising their salaries.  He blamed the mistake on a combination of human and computer error and told the teachers they’d have 24 months to repay the extra money.

Man, man, what a guy!

Wife walked into the living room last night and the television was shrieking …. “DIE, DIE, DIE, EXECUTE THEM! YEAH KILL ‘EM ALL” and she asked me, “
Did you buy a new video game?” and I just smiled, and said “No hon, it is just the GOP debates.”

Out on the left-coast of America they are building a new San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge.  The old (50+ years) bridge is being replaced with a new earthquake proof model being built alongside it.  Which is kind of ludicrous, because you cannot make anything earthquake proof.

Ask the Japanese, they will tell you.

Several key components of the new bridge including a mile-long cable made up of 137 steel sinews (strands) were manufactured in China.

By doing this outsourcing, much of the work on the new bridge was done abroad, and the state says, it saved $400 million.  They are building a huge wind-farm south of my place, all of the turbines are coming in from Brazil.

Everyone is out of work … and we shop overseas, it is just nuts.

This is why they say Mr. Obama is running for a second term, he doesn’t want to have to look for a job in this sorry economy.

Several Hollywood stars called in the FBI to investigate matters concerning their cellphones.  It seems a small gang of phone hackers are hacking cellphones of the rich and famous, and then downloading the photo’s and posting them on the Internet.  One woman had some naked shots posted and another famous woman had a shot of her kissing another girl put up.  I have pictures in my phone that are over two years old, and I have yet to discover how to get them out of there.

That is the way it goes.

It’s a typically sunny day here at the Goat Farm, with a slight chance of rain.  I suppose where you are it is nice.  Kids are flying their kites, a mom pushes a stroller.  Senior citizens are doing Tai Chi.

You are standing at the kitchen window drinking your cup of coffee and smiling.  Why?  Because both of the deer showed up this morning and they are headed towards the water bucket for a little taste of something good and cool.  Now you can relax a little bit and not worry so much.


I am picking up landscape timbers from the driveway, placing them on the tractor and then taking them to the barn, and stacking them out back.  It is a tough job … but someone has to do it.

Now for the scary part of the post.  Hillary Clinton is now the most popular national political figure in the United States.  64% of Americans are now saying they have a “very favorable” opinion of her.  34% say the country would be better off if Bill Clinton was our President.  47% say it would be about the same.  29% say John McCain if he were President.

And 85% of everyone I contacted yesterday didn’t really give a ______ one way or the other.

You see, “As much as we all desire change … Things remain basically about the same.”  Just ask all those steel workers sitting at home, who could have been working on the Bay Bridge.

Life moves on ….


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Rant

  1. You did a good job today. I know you were waiting to hear from me about your blog. I did enjoy reading it very much. I guess the topic that resonated with me today was the outsourcing. Everything boils down to the all mighty dollar. I don’t think most people that go into a store to buy whatever, look to see if it is made in America. If they put it back and started demanding American made products, I think we would see a difference.


    Comments are or is a big part of it. They sometimes keep you busy and that is always a good thing.



  2. Oh, lots of goodies today! 1) We used to sell farm fresh eggs here, now we have to “give” them away. Same with the chicken “fertilizer”. We’ve got a pile of it… you shovel in a bag or bucket and it’s free. 2) And you’re half right, I did see Daisy grazing outside the kitchen window this morning, and she did have a good drink of water down below the slope at the water and feed station… even had a nibble of corn. But Holly has been missing since Sunday. No sign of her. So my baby girl comes and goes, and sleeps in her pen at night where she feels safe. 3) I let my disgust be known about doing business outside of the US. Even the local electric generation facility purchases products from a manufacturing facility near Mexico City, Mexico that is owned by an American company. I don’t care if they have the best engineered product on the market, why would you buy from a company that outsources to another country for more profit? 4) Most people don’t want to do what it takes to change. No one wants to self-examine and own that we’ve brought this on ourselves. Somewhere along the way we have become lazy. We have got to get off our butts and do what it takes to make America strong and proud again.


    When I first retired, I considered buying a small boat, then I was going to invest in some ice chests and sell fishermen on Lake Texhoma sandwhiches and brew, soda pop, stuff like that. Figured it would be a good deal, outside, sunshine, a little spare time for conversation and make a little too boot. Then the state started telling me about all the “permits” I needed to do my thing. Kind of sunk that boat really quickly.

    So one deer is not around, hope she is alright and just running with the herd.



  3. Your comment on your wind turbines brought a chuckle, no, make that an out and out LAUGH from me and the wife ! When I decided in the mid ’70’s to move the family back to California from Penciltucky, everynow and then we’d go on down to the Bay Area and visit old neighbors in Newark, CA and Fremont, CA.
    In doing so, one has to pass thru the Altamont Pass from San Joaquin County down in thru Livermore and Alameda County. There were then, and still hundreds of turbines sitting stationary in those hills afew of ’em turning with the bay breeze that pushes thru those hills. I can remember twice I think in my life time seeing most of those turbines running at whatever speed they were programmed for, then for some reason, ALL of ’em were shut down.
    It’s been too many years that have gone by for me to remember the REASON they were shut down, and some of the farmers in the Byron and Tracy areas were ordered to shut theirs down too.
    When attending the 50th reunion for the classes of 1960-1961 in October 2010 in Pleasanton, CA a classmate and I drove from his home in Brentwood, CA thru all the old back roads, and in doing so, were reminded of all the monies spent to construct and raise these “monsters” to provide a better power source to thousands of folk. Now, as I’ve stated, they sit there like so many dinosaurs.


    Last time I checked, Texas was the largest producer of wind power in the States. It is hard to believe that all of those wind turbines are not working at all, it just doesn’t make sense. Especially on the Altamont which is one windy place. I wonder if they are doing the same thing down by Mojave outside Tehacapi (Ok, you spell it!) Pass?



  4. Folks out of work and getting unemployment checks more than likely buy products from China also. A vicious cycle I guess. History has shown us that back in the Great Depression times and the Dust Bowl days that entire families moved a thousand miles just on the rumor of finding work. Think that’s going to happen now? Jump in the ole Model T and spend 2 weeks to drive to California hoping to pick vegetables. Yeah right. Now direct deposit with my unemployment check. Can’t work at the local convenience store because I get paid that much to sit at home. I have a degree! I’m entitled to a job better than making sandwiches at Subway. Whatever…. I guess living in Nebraska and knowing that if you outwork someone you get ahead may not be a common theme in life anymore but it still works here. If you need a job…… get in your Accura and get here in a day or so and you’ll find a job. Just don’t complain that you have a degree and shouldn’t be expected to start at the bottom. Oh yeah. Bring gloves!!


    Nice comment Scott, certainly cannot add to that. Obama said the “American Promise” is going by the side of the road with a lot of other things. The American Dream died a long time back.



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