The Apple Parable

Something about the apple, the proverbial forbidden fruit.

This morning I am reading about some guy in Colorado who invited a woman he met online to his home.  
Everything seemed to be going just fine and then pow, the girlfriend shows up!  
This of course is not good for either love or money.  So he rushes across the room and picks up the telephone to call the police and report the online visitor as a burglar in his home.

Police on the other hand were not amused, they charged him with making a false reporting to authorities.

No word yet on what the girlfriend was to do about it.

A 24 year old in Austria has used a European law to compel Facebook to send him a record of all the personal data it had on him.  He received a CD with “1,222 pages information” including chats and “pokes” dating back to 2008.  Remember that, the next time you are chatting on Facebook.

I cannot help it, but I am really amused by this commercial.

Yesterday’s segment of 60 Minutes had a piece about a kid who finished grades six thru 12 in just one year, was a freshman in college, and hoped to have his PHD by age 14.  All of it with good old book learning, no computers.

Computers and kids have come a long ways.  Now what about a kid who never had access to a computer, a poor inner city youth or underprivileged kid.  What about them?  You are what you learn, if all you know is how to be a gang-banger the odd’s are pretty good that is all that you will ever be.

When I am in town, I look at the huge concrete monolith at the High School and the stands built for the parental fans.  A monument to football, a blood sport of the young.  It makes me wonder, how many computers could have been bought and disturbed with that kind of money?

How many kids could have learned from the experience and gone on to become a doctor, chemist, engineer.

How we could as a society surely could have benefited from the tax dollars spent this way instead of the other.  Instead of seeing the world as a competition (football) you see it as a world that needs some tweaking (engineer).

What is left after high school football … Not much.

But on the other hand, if you are into learning, I mean really into it, then the entire world changes for you.  No longer a jail of ignorance, and endless five day weeks at some dead in job.  But an open door, that knowledge will unlock, and then you find all you have to do is lean on it, and it will swing wide open.

Here is one or two more, and then I will leave you to your discretions this morning.

A Massachusetts couple called 911 after getting lost in an apple orchard while picking apples.  They had not noticed that the evening was waning and the sun was going down, soon they found themselves in total darkness and could not locate their car.

Having no other choice available to them, they utilized their cellphones to inform the local authorities of their rather dire predicament and the police called the owner of the orchard.

He drove out into the apple orchard to collect the poor lost souls and at that time, one of them inquired of the farmer, “So how many rescues a year?”

The old farmer looked at them a little puzzled and then replied, “Well, in eighty-five years of business, none.”

Kind of like the guy I met last year in Nevada.

He pointed at the cowbell hanging on the back bumper of my bus and said, “What’s that?” and I looked at him and said, “It is a cowbell.”

He then again says.  “What is it used for?”

Finding all this really hard to believe I say, “You tie it around the neck of a cow who wanders and gets out quite a lot.  If she goes down in the creek you can hear her because when she grazes the bell rings.”

He then looks at me and says …. “How do you ring it?”

I asked him, “What do you do for a living anyway?”

He said … “I am a Lawyer, why?”

That is Monday, just 4.5 miles souith of Route Sixty-Six on the Old El Reno Trail.


4 thoughts on “The Apple Parable

  1. Another fascinating entry into the blog world. I think they are all priceless but the last one got me. Some highly educated people sure can be dense.
    This kid was amazing, it was just downright unbelievable. Believe it or not, I kind of miss Andy Rooney at the end too. (He died last year).



  2. Save us from the educated idiots. ha ha
    well done…..
    Why thank you, we appreciate it.



  3. Today’s blog is all about smart and dumb. The problem is we don’t seem to be able as a society to differentiate. Clearly the lawyer who cannot figure out how a cow bell works cannot conceive of a noise making device that is not battery powered, but he may know the law forward and backward.

    The whiz kid who can compress 6 years of learning into one year may also be incapable of grasping concepts. Just because he can post good grades does not mean he has common sense.

    On the other hand there are a lot of very smart people who are well educated in a specific field that are very capable of understanding and doing almost anything. Trouble is nobody seems ability to figure out how to identify these people, what it takes to make all people have what we used to call common sense, and how to harness all the brain power that goes untapped.It is for sure our nation’s education system is lacking.
    I will put my money on the kid and not the lawyer.

    Nice comment Jon



  4. As long as I’ve lived, no one has convinced me yet that anything enlightening and important in the realm of life is achieved in sports; especially football, baseball and basketball. Society supports and markets some of the worst ideas and fails to see what is truly important for growth, goodness and goodwill.
    I know that taxes are a part of life, and I pay mine, not cheerfully, but I pay. What I object to is the utter waste of the resources on such things as high-school athletics which doesn’t lend a thing to a better America. In my opinion, the funds could be put to better use, that was the thrust of the piece.



  5. Hahaha! Whats a cowbell again ?


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