Sunday Drive

Being a card carrying member of the baby-boom generation I can testify that I grew up with the automobile.  Several automobiles to be exact, my father used to buy a new car about every two and one-half years on average.

Most American’s my age are either car lovers or were in one the majority of their lives.

Often on Sunday’s my father would announce after breakfast that we were going for a drive.  Now the Sunday Drive as I remember it, never had a destination, it was all shoot from the hip, let’s try this out, we have never been there before, and we would head out.

With cheap motor fuel and some hastily assembled sack lunches, we are loaded up in the family truckster and headed out.  On some days, he even took the family dog with us, which were especially memorable rides, sharing the backseat with a little sister and a boxer.  Living in one of the greatest states in the United States for geographical wonders and things to see and do, California was our playground.

Some days the trip was to the oceanside and the beach, others were to the mountains and one Sunday in particular, we ended up in Nevada.  To this day, I cannot figure out how, but when we stopped for gas, Dad asked the guy just “where in the world am I?” and he came back to the car and Mom said, “Well Loren, where are we?” and he smiled and say, “Well hon, we seem to be in Nevada my dear.” And then the discussion started.

Today’s offering is not strictly about cars, don’t be fooled.

The video is about a relationship between a man and his car, but most importantly, it is about family.  It is a short segment about two sons, who went the extra mile to do something very special for their Father.  I think it is worth watching and I hope you find time to do this too.  It will tug at your heartstrings and in small way, make your day.  Give it a shot.

Dads car



Thanks to Chopper Scott in NB.