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I have been updated on the post yesterday about WordPress Spam.  It turns out that it was not spam, but indeed the genuine thing.  The message was sent out to about 3,000 wordpress blogs, and all of the sites “were hand reviewed” before being contacted.  So I stand corrected.  In some small way it is nice to know that Creative Endeavors was recognized and considered.  At this time our decision to take a “wait and see attitude” on this ad response offer, is still the same.  No soap.

In all fairness to WordPress.com and the person who sent it (not a robot) it was NOT spam, but the real deal.


Why would anyone want to be President?

This is what First Couples  looked like coming into
the White House . . . And what they looked  like
going out.

Have a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “Updated Post … PSA

  1. Unfortunatly your pictures wouldn’t open up for me, but I have seen pictures in the past of what the top office does to it’s inhabitants. As the saying goes, “you couldn’t pay me enough to take that job.” Have no fears, I’m absolutly sure this Okiegal will never be offered the job. The stress and strain is enormous. I think it would be like living in a pressure cooker, under full steam pressure, 24 hours a day. No matter who it is they need or prayers.

    I will check it out.



  2. Priceless!! I wouldn’t be President for “all the tea in China” as my mother used to say. Luckily, the last time I checked, no one was offering.
    Why anyone would want the job and the headache’s and problems of “public service” (that is a hoot isn’t it?) is beyond me. I don’t have a lot of use for any of them to tell you the truth.

    Thanks for droppin’ by and commenting.



  3. Too funny! LOL!!

    Thanks we appreciate it.



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