Shades Of Black

Man, man, this “end of times” or 2012 is going to be the year that all of it comes crashing down, well, it just might be true?  So far, just ten days into the New Year and almost every post I read is some kind of dirge about how bad life is, what a rotten deal I have been dealt, I don’t like this, I want out of here.  Why is it people on the Internet feel compelled to “share every rancid detail of their feckless life” with total strangers.

If I live to be one hundred years old, I will never understand that at all.

Being that I am acutely aware that some of you feel as if I am out of touch, I can assure you that I do relate to pain and suffering in life.  Perhaps not at the level of a Somalian refugee or some poor soul locked down deep in the Congo, but on occasion, I do venture into the dark side of life.  Most of the time, it is completely by accident and not intentional.

Last night the wife had me attend one of these corporate dinner things, something where you are honored for your years of service and devotion to the company.  They feed you a dinner where some of the food is “suspect” (Just a tad bit better than Denny’s … Where you might find an ex-con for a cook, throwing three day old bread on a dirty grill ….. Mmmmmm, yummy) and a few speakers laud praise among the recipients and then everyone loads up and head home … sans a raise.

The festivities begin early.  You are assigned a table to spend the evening with virtual strangers and you struggle to find something, anything that resembles “common ground” to talk about other than the new bear cub’s at the zoo.  When the matronly woman from food services sitting next to you pulls out her pictures of her grandchildren, you know it is time to leave.

This time it was somewhat different.  We sat at a table with a exclusive mix of folks, a young guy (27 on my right) and retired military on the left.  When I asked the retired military guy what it was that he did for a living, he trotted out his entire military history and told me for twenty-eight minutes how it was each day that he drove the eighteen miles to the base, and there he diligently, day after day, saved the world with a screwdriver.  The kid on the right was more interesting, he wanted to know what kind of music I listened to, who I was going to vote for, what did I think about this and that?

He asked me if I liked Hank III and some outfit called “Assjack.”  (I am not making this up people)  Then this morning, over a cup of coffee and some quiet time, I discovered Hank III on another website that I frequent from time to time up and until this moment I had never heard of Assjack or Hank #3 so naturally being the curious type, I checked it out.  Turns out Hank had a son, and the son, had a son, and his name is Hank III, almost like one of those bible things, and he beget him, and then he beget him on and on.  So like I said, this morning I came across another link to Hank III and I decided to check him out.

Now I am fairly sure why it is that I have found that young people write such depressing blog’s early in the morning, they are either depressed or hung over.  It could be this music, I mean, what do I know?

Kind of strange to say the least … Which is my take on it for right now, when I know more, you will of course, be informed.

Checking the old clock on the wall, I see once again, I am running short on time.  I am going to go back to my CD favorite, Lawrence Welk Remembers Woodstock and my box of Hi-Ho Crackers.  If I get all bored and wrapped up in myself, I will just plug into this video, sit back and smile.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

My advice to you if you are having a bad 2012 is this …. D.W.A.B.I. … In other words, “Don’t Worry About it.”  It is gonna work out for either good or for bad, and all the belly-aching, self inspecting, whining and hand-wrenching-cryin in the world won’t change it one iota.