Little Andy

I am reading where our illustrious Senator from the Great State Of Oklahoma says that “global warming is a bunch of hooey and he is proud that the U.S. dropped out of the Kyoto Conference or whatever it is called.”  And again, I am reminded, “We need these political knot-heads because?”

Jim Imhoffe is a Republican Bozo.  Another Washington door stop that can talk.  He is smiling because he just stuck it to you again and he knows you are stoopid and will re-elect him again.

Put three measures of decaf in the pot this morning, and it is the same old deal.  Not much there, almost like kissing your sister or something like that.  I sure do miss my regular coffee.  Had a nice post worked up and I again lost it.  I wish the Mac had an auto-save feature or something like that, I always forget to run the save, and then I find myself lost as a goose later on.  Seem to be doing this quite regular now and it is just irritating the fizz out of me.

Don’t have a lot on my plate this morning, uncover the parrots, give ‘em some water and some food, that kind of deal.  Funny on some days I don’t even feel like doing that.  Which reminds me of an old joke.  Two goldfish are sitting in the bowl and they arguing with each other.  One says, “I say there is no God.” and the other says, “Yes there is.”  So the other goldfish says, “Well yeah?  Prove it!”  The second goldfish smiles and says …. “Who changes our water?”

No good huh?  Well whadya expect for free?

Yesterday I was in town mailing some stuff.  You cannot mail stuff in the country anymore, it often disappears.  We have a new wrinkle in the fabric of country living, they are called “mailbox shoppers.”  They drive up and down country roads, opening the mailboxes and removing the contents (outgoing mail with checks in the envelopes) and then later “wash the checks” and cheat you.  It is better to take your mail to town now.

I am in town and I hear a voice call out … “Mr. Smith?  Hey Mr. Smith.”  So I turn around to see who it is, and there is this kid of about 22 years of age standing there, and he says, “Hello Mr. Smith, how are you?”  Well, I didn’t have a clue, not a single one.

So I say to him, “Do I know you?” and he laughs and says “Yes, yes you do.  My name is Andy Williamson.

So I think about it a little and then he says …. “Lil Andy.

Now it quickly returns to me and I smile and say, “Well lad, you certainly have changed a great deal.”  I remembered “Lil Andy” from when he was a mere speck of a child and his Daddy, who is sadly now gone.

When Lil Andy was first born they named him William Andrew Williamson with the full intention of calling him “Bill.”  But from day one, the family just naturally gravitated to the “Lil Andy” thing.  So from that point on, they all referred to the small red-headed child as Lil Andy.

When he reached the age of five, the parents decided to tell him what was going on and of course, end some of the confusion about his first name.  So one night at the supper table his Dad looked down at him and inquired of the five year old, “Do you know why we named you William Andrew Williamson?” and the youngster shook his head in a negative fashion.

Well,” continued his father, “we named you that so that we could call you Bill.  That is why your first name is William.

The child sat there and thought on the information a little.

The father went on, “Your Mother and I, feel that you are old enough now to understand the reasoning behind this, and from this point on, we are going to start calling you Bill.  We wondered what you might think about this?

Lil Andy sat there and thought intently on what he had just heard and then looked up and said, “They can call you Bill i’fn they want ta, but MY name is Lil Andy.

Ah, the wisdom of a five year old.

Have a great day.  Thanks for droppin by …


Cartoon courtesy of AmericanProgress .org.