Resolved To Doin Nuthin

Here you go!  First one outta the chute, this is #1 for the year and #1138 for the site since beginning.  New Years is the time of the year, when everyone wants to make a resolution.  I no longer do that.  As most of us already know, a resolution is a noun, a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Which in my particular case is futile, I seldom set goals that are almost impossible to achieve, and I rarely stay with them for any specific amount of time.

This the time of the year, when I sit and ponder things, think about what it is that I might accomplish, what I want to set out to do, and to arrange my priorities in life.

But I do not consider them resolutions, as they may or may not materialize, they may or may not get started and/or accomplished.  Could be wrong about that.

Some are heavy issues and others are simple, for instance, in the new year, no more X-Factor, American Idol or that damn Judge Judy.  These I feel are within my reach … as for replacement programming, I haven’t a clue.

This year, I want to be bus trash.

Bus Trash Peeple did not cause any of the problems that our country faces today. They did not get mortgages they couldn’t afford. They did not run banks to the ground with greed.  My first mortgage for example, was a thirty year note, paid off and put away in 22 years.  No brag … just plain fact.

Bus people are kind of like Poor White Trash.  These are the oldsters who used to be youngsters, baby-boomers who still hold a door open for a lady, eat their meal with their ball-caps off, who say yes sir and no mam.  Who worked the same job most of their adult life, were married to the same woman most of their adult years, who still cover their heart and stand when they hear the national anthem.

  These are the guys the younger set drop the grand-kids off with to baby-sit.

Like most of you, I’m tired of paying mortgage bills, utility bills, property taxes. I plan on writing the I.R.S. and my local tax accessor in 2012 and asking them to take me off their mailing lists in 2012, because frankly, I am getting close to being what you might call tapped out on a lot of this.  I want to live more simply, pack up the dogs and move into my old bus. I don’t mind being called “bus trash”, but it is always wise to reach out for a valid second opinion.

What do you think about my decision?

In 2011 the doctor said to drop the coffee.  So now I no longer smoke, drink or imbibe (To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine … and those who don’t and are always seen with a bottle of water in their hand.  Maybe it is time to cut back on that too.  As Ben Franklin said:  In wine there is wisdom … In beer there is freedom … In water there is bacteria.).

In 2012 I am down to not cheating at cards, not trifling with another monkey’s monkey, no more lying, stealing, completely devoid of sugar products and NO coffee.  There just isn’t much left for me in this world to give up.  So resolutions I am afraid are kind of old school and not relevant to my day to day life at this stage.  I am not sure if I even need to resolve anything anymore, as I have almost run out of things to surrender.

I think I will just sit back and watch 2012 roll in … like a dog with his head out the windows, ears a floppin’, and take it as it comes.  Might continue my search for the “perfect woman” and of course, continue my never ending quest to find a good glass of sweet teaWhat a way to live.

Where is she?  Where is she?  I want to know.


3 thoughts on “Resolved To Doin Nuthin

  1. I’ve never been much of a resolution person myself. The only thing I’ve given up is drinking. Stopped that after New Years night of 2006-2007 and have been fine without alcohol ever since. I still smoke and drink coffee, but those are my only major vices. Don’t eat a lot of sweets. Most of my sugar intake once again comes from the coffee (I add a lot in there). Have to drink it anyway because the doctors say it helps keep my migraines to a minimum. They recommend as much caffiene as possible. Can’t argue with that when you get all but a prescription for it!

    My resolution is to keep breathing. Shouldn’t be too hard to keep (I hope).
    I used to go out on payday and get drunk and be somebody. Don’t do that anymore, been a long, long time. I suppose we all have our vices, the things we like, the things that are slowly killing us. One by one, they all fall beside the way sooner or later as you age, and the old body cannot process them or defend against them any longer. You just give ’em up.



  2. I haven’t done the New Year’s resolution decision in a couple of decades. I always found it silly. Generally, I resolve to do something (or not) when the time is right for change. That could be any time of the year. Like you, I tend to ponder what all I want to do in the coming year and make a tentative plan to achieve it.

    Are you having black-eyed peas today? I never heard of this “good luck” tradition until I moved to Oklahoma. I have had them, but it seems to make no difference over the year. Good things always happen and difficulties arise regardless. Happy New Year to you!
    I am not sure if we are having pea’s today or not, I am in charge of the motor-pool she is in charge of the menu. I have a tendency to relate to all of this under the heading of superstitions and not much more. No basis in fact and all that.

    Gonna practice my guitar more this year and try to improve my skills on that, and of course, “learn to mellow out some” and stop growling at people all the time.



  3. My Dad was asking if I would cook black-eyed peas today. I haven’t made a thing about that in years. Probably because I didn’t live in Oklahoma during most of my adulthood and having come back two years ago I’m still getting oriented to the traditions again, lol. I did miss the good old B.C. Clark commericals. They’re classic and can’t be found anywhere else!
    I think we are having chicken and cabbage (it works wonders on my complexion) and that is about it. Oklahoma has a profound tendency to stay the same, no matter what.



  4. You know, in some ways I don’t mind that Oklahoma stays the same. With many other states I lived in, people gave you dirty looks if you smiled and nodded when walking by them. No one here, except maybe newcomers, think anything of it and usually smile and nod back.

    Another example while living in California. I had parked over by one of the beaches to go on a walk. When I came back to my car, there was a poor tourist from the Netherlands with a rental vehicle looking frustrated. He was parked near me and his battery had died on the car. No one would help the guy out. So I popped my trunk, grabbed the jumper cables, and got his car started. He thanked me profusely for helping and maybe got a little better impression of Americans from it.

    Had plenty of other tourists ask me for directions which was funny since I only lived there for a total of a year and a half, but I learned my way around and helped when I could. People always remarked that many Californians wouldn’t even help them. I told them I was from Oklahoma by way of explanation. That we do things differently. Evryone who has visited here told me we were more friendly than many other places they had visited.

    So there are some things I don’t want to change about this state and like just the way they are :)
    Okay, whatever works right?


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