The Day After

Day after Christmas, time to reflect on what was what.  Exciting place for us, all the grandkids under foot and the family unit (such as it is) back in place for a short span of time.  With each year, the meaning of, and the feeling of the holidays change somewhat.  As one year comes to a close, a new year begins, and often, you cannot help but to be a little bit sad.

Sitting in my easy chair, I watch the parade of my life from the curb and clap as it rolls by.  I watch the Ford commercials on television and smile to myself.  Mike Rowe has a better idea.   These new Ford commercials they are running with the Dirty Jobs guy kind of crack me up.  Dirty Jobs on the Discover Channel profiles the unsung American laborers who make their living in the most unthinkable — yet vital — ways.  Our brave host and apprentice Mike Rowe (currently looking for dead fossils in Utah when he is not pimping off half-tons on TV at the Mall) leads us through this process.  On any given day, you will find Mike on the Ford Commercials on just about every television channel you might find.

Doing his level best to pointing out sublime cool neat accoutrements such as cigarette ashtrays and Big Gulper cup holders.

I often get a kick out of these commercials, glued, no riveted to the screen, I watch as Mike goes to the mall and talks about the new Ford automobiles and trucks (Funny but I never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine going to the mall to find a good deal on a truck … what was I thinking?).  With grace and seemingly no work at all, he hawks their apparent advantages to the cost-conscious car buying public.  Tonight he was pushing a Ford pickup on this unsuspecting American pickup buyer and after the spleel, the guy looks at Mike and says …. “Wow!  Where do I get one of these?”

Yes, I know.  Incredible.

(Uh try Big Lots Bucko, they might have one or two models on sale that were left over from Christmas)

Noticing the lights are coming on for the holidays, but it is still daylight, I guess I will have to reset the timer.  After the 21st of the month (first day of winter) the days naturally start to get even longer, such is the case here now.  It cannot be all that far off now, where American Idol will once again be a staple of our viewing fare and our days are spent in the shop sharpening the lawnmower blades in anticipation of spring.

My mind can now reflect on the Christmas that was and work on my new list for next year or other important things.

But there is good news, having stopped the ridiculous snow machine on my webpage and the days being longer, leaves me more time to find and point out the ludicrous things that happen on a daily basis, this process we call … Life.  Things like spending $400 on a battery powered dump truck, extra batteries, a battery charger, wrapping it all up and presenting it to a four year old.

Only to watch him spend the rest of the entire day playing with the box that it came in.

Stuff like that.

2011 has been an eclectic mix of this and that, and like most everyone else, I am not sad to see it leave.  I am in fact, looking ahead with great anticipation to 2012 which is incidentally the last year on the Mayan Calendar.  I am hearing a lot of grousing about “it being finally over” so I feel that I am not alone in my outlook for a New Year.  A fresh beginning, I have always been a sucker for something new.

That is today’s post … a dirty job … but someone has to do it.

yuk-yuk … (Okie Humor)


3 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. We became Lego experts last night, helping FD’s 5 year-old grandson put together a spy plane. Grandson was matter-of-fact about Santa messing up the order. He asked Santa to bring the Lego Cars Spy Jet Escape to HIS house, not OUR house. Somehow it’s a comfort to know that even Santa screws up…

    You know the holidays aren’t over until you take your holiday decorations down. When is that scheduled to happen?
    Our kids arrive from the Houston area sometime today, there will be six of them, and we have Lincoln Log sets for the boys, I bought four of them before Christmas and that will (hopefully) keep them occupied.

    We were just talking about the decorations this morning on the way to town. Came up with the weekend of the eighth for the take down, providing the weather is not critical. She is already planning for next year and tried to drag me into the Christmas section today with the promise of “bargains!”

    Yeah sure, and this is my first rodeo.



  2. I think that all of who have had children can relate to the “playing” with the box thing ! Our two sons who are in their 40’s now can remember all those times during the Christmas Day frenzy, in that’s exactly what both of them did; ’til they started getting older and the toys got more sophisticated !
    We did try in earnest on some Lincoln Logs but the three year old kept doing building renovation on us, so we finally just caved in and that was that. Good to see you have figured it out Joe, welcome to our site.



  3. LOL, I’m just thankful it comes only once a year.

    So you are saying that too much of a good thing will get you down? BEEN THERE.



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