Unhappy Nappy

Here we go … chiming in on another socially redeeming hot button topic that is of a concern to all.

For years I have suspected that there is no honor in television advertising.  Take these commercials where they simulate a door bell or a door chime, “coincidentally that sound exactly like the one in the hallway of my home.”  I will be at peace with the world, locked down and cutting some real zee’s.

Then the peace of my nap is shattered in a heartbeat by this doorbell sound.

Dutifully, I get up, wander to the front door, open it and stare into nothing.  No one.  Not a thing there, no package, no UPS truck, Fed Ex or meat salesman offering golden mouth-watering-porkchops at discount pricing.  I stand there, feeling like a real dumb-ass and search the area to no avail.

It is just not fair.

Not knowing about you, I can assure you this.  In my home you will find a dishwasher, several refrigerators, micro-wave oven and laundry appliances.  Central heat and air, televisions and electronics, and ALL OF THEM have been at one time or another …. have been replaced.

Over time they all wear down, parts break and they fall by the way and a new one is installed.  Even have a word for it … built in obsolescence.  Most everything breaks.  All but the ##@!@##* doorbell, that is the very same one that has ALWAYS been in our home since the very beginning.

Why?  Pretty simple … You don’t use something, it will last forever.

In keeping with our Christmas traditions here at Creative Endeavors, I tried to mix up some Christmas Musak for you but it just didn’t work out.  Maybe next year?  As a rule, software systems do not work well until they have been used, and have failed repeatedly, in real applications.  Commercials and computers, the pockmark on the face of mankind.