Well Good For Me …  I have this sneaking suspicion that today is going to be a banner day, I finally figured out how to stop that hokey-dumb-pesky snowfall thing that adds to a blog every year at this time.  (There goes my last shot at being Fresh Pressed … Oh well?)  No more snow flakes!

Took awhile, but it is gone.

As we approach the end of but another week, I find myself dealing with my semi-annual bout of depression.  This today, will help me to end on a positive note for a change, no more stupid fake snow.

Today my melancholy was triggered by “this is your last chance for a free gift card” notice I found in the box.  I was doing fine, found myself on the right side of the dirt this morning, and life was just swell, until I discovered myself in the “last chance line” of Thursday’s, now I don’t know.

Incidentally, they sent me this same thing last month, so it isn’t really your LAST CHANCE you can ignore it if’n you want ta. (Okie Talk) 




One thought on “Gotcha!

  1. Hey! I like the snowflakes…I sent you a “cheer up” email! I’m ready for the sun to shine. These bitter cold and overcast days are a bit depressing.
    If we were but two old miners in a cabin, I would have eaten you by now! It is going to get much worse before it gets better. As for the snowflakes, I did it, I am proud of it, and I don’t need ’em. Cold is here my dear, you had best get ready, I sent more of it your way about an hour ago.



  2. Wow! It’s gonna be a long winter. This is only the first day of it and you are alread twisting off. Hang in there, Ol’ dude!
    They are going to love me at the home.



  3. You have never been freshly pressed? I can’t believe that! Shows you what a bunch of tosses are working there! Here is something positive- I have just joined you! Mmwaah.
    Nope Bokkie, never have been. I see it all around me, the elusive carrot, the prize, the Oscar of the web-working world, the pot at the end of the rainbow of hard work and dedication, but it is as elusive to me today as it was three years ago when we first started.

    I have seen “up and coming blogs” that were THREE DAYS OLD and Fresh Pressed that was barely out of the chute (30 days or less) and a lot of people who should receive it passed over. It doesn’t make sense to me … but I gave up on it a long time ago.

    Now I just do it because I like to do it and I leave the phony snowflakes and Fresh Pressers to their amusements.

    Really wondered where you had been and I am glad to see you are back.



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