Winter Wunderland

Jury is in, I stand convicted, a typical male pig.  Yes I like thongs (last week’s post) so much that often I will see a lady that “turns my head” and I will study her intently and wonder if she is wearing a thong or not?   Contrary to popular belief, it is still possible to amuse me in life, good looking women, chrome, and fast cars still row my boat … I often wonder about other things, but some things in life are best NOT said.

Now in honor of Uncle Carl, who accidentally stepped on a garden rake in the yard, and was smacked between the eyes by the handle coming upwards at a high-rate of speed and then immediately afterword, when he woke up, started talking funny and dressing in women’s clothing, today’s post:

Walkin’ ‘Round in Women’s Underwear

(Parody of Walking in a Winter Wonderland)

Lacy things the wife is missin’
Didn’t ask for her permission
I’m wearing her clothes
Her silk pantyhose
Walkin’ ’round in women’s underwear

In the store there’s a teddy
With little straps like spaghetti
It holds me so tight
Like handcuffs at night
Walkin’ ’round in women’s underwear

In the office there’s a guy named Melvin
He pretends that I am Murphy Brown
He’ll say “Are you ready?” we’ll say “Whoa, man!
Let’s wait until the wife is out of town”

Later on if you wanna
We can dress like Madonna
Put on some eye shade
And join the parade
Walkin’ ’round in women’s underwear

Lacy things… a missin’
Didn’t ask… permission
Wearing her clothes…Silk pantyhose
Walkin’ ’round in women’s underwear
Walkin’ ’round in women’s underwear
Walkin’ ’round in women’s underwear

Big storm heading this way, everyone find some sunshine and get in it!  Cold days a comin’.

If you need a lift and things are getting you down?  Trot yourself over to the Non Dairy Carrie Girl and play the video, crank it up loud and wake up the house!  Today is gonna be a good day, regardless of the weather … Name it … Claim it … and then find some sunshine and walk into it.


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6 thoughts on “Winter Wunderland

  1. I don’t wear thongs myself. Too uncomfortable for my taste. I will occassionally put them on for my husband inside our home, but usually they don’t stay on long so it isn’t a big deal (I’ll spare you the reason why). That is all I have to say about that.

    Nice parody. Gave me a good laugh!
    Neglected to link it when I posted it the first time, and it now has a link back to the original post last week ( and that should help things.

    Personally I just love ’em, don’t know about the comfort level and all that, but I suppose it is something akin to a weggie in high school.

    That close?

    Every year Victoria’s Secret puts out this show that is “supposed to keep you up on what is sexy or not” and they pimp it off as the sexiest one hour on television. But they never show the models from the rear (wonder why?) … Thong!

    I see it and just smile and think to myself, teasing me again, and I pass.



  2. I see where this is coming from now. As for the discomfort, it feels like a wedgie to me which is why I can’t stand them. Apparently some women feel differently, since they wear them all the time, but they’re impractical to me. Besides, my butt gets cold fast enough without taking that small bit of cover away!

    You might find this surprising, but thongs are quite popular in the Middle East. When I visited the region I was surpised how many places sold them. Apparently Arab women try to make up for their conservative outer attire by having the nice stuff underneath. If you see a woman in a burka, there is a good chance she is wearing a thong. Bet you’ll never look at them the same again!
    NOW DOG-GONE … THAT WAS NOT NICE. Jeeze Louise very time I watch Lawrence Of Arabia I am going to have nightmares afterwards!

    And yes, I didn’t know that.

    All of this leads me to think I have missed out on something, I have been to North Africa and some parts of the middle east, but I sure did not mess with the women, in that part of the world, it was not considered the smartest move to make if you were from the west.



  3. I think it is a question of comfort, or possibly what one gets used to. I wouldn’t wear a big pair of bloomers up to my belly; all that elastic clutching at my skin, pooching out of my hip-huggar jeans. But evidently someone out there does buy them because after all these years they still sell them. I like thongs, but they’re not always practical. I’m not sure why women complain about a thong being uncomfortable when they strap a bra on every day?? Unless a woman is extremely large-busted and prefers to wear one for support, I don’t see the point, Ok, MAYbe in the colder climates they have a warmth factor which can be important. I think bras are the most ridiculous contraptions ever designed. I rebelled that “harness” from the time I was made to wear one as a kid. Of course I know what it is… American’s are so fixated on breasts as a sexual draw that women are expected to hide them and encase them in these ridiculous garments and we’re told they are actually GOOD for us and help preserve the shape? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Uh, doesn’t the bra actually atrophy the surrounding muscles and tissue? Have you EVER seen perky breasts on a 70 year old woman who has worn a bra her whole life? You’re not preserving anything ladies. I think society has rigged us up with many ridiculous ideas about our bodies. Thanks for firing me up this morning DS… always good conversation here!
    Uh, your welcome, I think? For what is worth, I quit wearing a bra years ago …….



  4. Littlesundog, I will admit, I’m on the skinny side, so for me bras give a lift I wouldn’t otherwise have. Plus it actually hurts me more not to wear them because with what I do have, they hurt if they bounce too much. No way would I ever go running without a bra. That would be torture. Bras have never hurt me, but I spend a small fortune on the expensive ones so not sure if that has anything to do with it. On the other hand, I do like to go around the house without wearing one and my husband appreciates that.

    As for underwear, I can’t stand those granny panties either and prefer bakini underwear as that is enough to cover what I need. My butt has to be covered, though, because I get cold extremely easy. I’m borderline anemic so not sure if that is part of the problem. Thongs would serve no purpose for me since they don’t actually cover anything. I know plenty of women who love them, though, so it is no knock against them. If they can use them and not be uncomfortable, great, I just haven’t had the same experience. Much like you haven’t had the same experience with bras. To each her own.

    DS, You are right that it wouldn’t be a good idea to mess with the Arab women while in the Middle East. The men are protective of them over there. I’m just saying you would be surprised what is under all that cloth!
    Here at Undergarment Central we try to take a neutral approach to these pressing questions. And by the way girls, says that blogs are much more interesting with photo’s. (No not of me … I could almost sense that one coming down the pike) … Tomorrow’s post will be about the one sock in the washer, where in the world does the other one go?



  5. Lol, I have a photo of me sitting on a camel on my About Me page of my blog at the moment. It was taken at the last medieval fair in Norman. That is as good as you are getting!
    Dutifully trotted my bod over there and could not locate it. You cannot blame a guy for trying. That was a great movie by the way, “As Good As It Gets” with Nicholson almost as good as the Bucket list.



  6. Here is a link. It is a page listed on the right side of my blog. There are a lot listed there though so not always easy to find.

    That is a good movie!
    I will try to swing by there and take a gander at it.


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