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It  is time to put a stop to this madness.  I have never heard this said as plain or as well.  For lack of a better word this is Class War at its best.  And it has finally eroded over time (and this new administration) to a point where it is clearly visible.  Another thing I am hearing lately (almost to the point of being sick of) is the word “Entitlement.”  Every time I turn on the television or go to the net it is all over the media … Entitlement.

Here it is in a nutshell.

The folks who are getting the free stuff, don’t like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff, can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.   And … The folks who are paying for the free stuff, want the free stuff to stop, and the the folks who are getting the free stuff, want even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!  Now … The people who are forcing the people who pay for the free stuff, have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff, that the people who are PAYING for the free stuff, are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.  So … the people who are GETTING the free stuff, have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff, by the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff, and giving them the free stuff in the first place.  We have let the free stuff giving go on for so long that there are now more people getting free stuff than paying for the free stuff.

Now understand this.

All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded. The reason? The voters figured out they could vote themselves money from the treasury by electing people who promised to give them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.  The United States officially became a Republic in 1776, some 231 years ago. The number of people now getting free stuff outnumbers the people paying for the free stuff. We have one chance to change that in 2012.  Failure to change that spells the end of the United States as we know it.

Election 2012 is coming.

A Nation of Sheep breeds a government of wolves.

Let’s take a stand

Professional Politicians:  Gone.

Overseas corporations and non-tax paying entities:  Gone.

Borders: Closed.

Language: English only

Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Attitude:  No More Political Correctness crap.

Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare.

NO freebies to: Non-Citizens.

What will YOU do?

Like President Ronald Reagan said:

“Ask yourself, are you any better off than were you were four years ago?”

Republican or Democrat makes no difference, it is time to send these dirt bags and all their lobbyists buddies a clear message.

Change means things are different … not the same old crap.



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4 thoughts on “Free Stuff

  1. Bravo! Well said.


  2. I agree that a lot of entitlements are things people are not automatically entitled to. However, there are shades of gray. If wages were higher there would be less need for assistance. Real wages (inflation adjusted) are the same as 30 years ago. Also, one political party likes to call Social Security an entitlement. Perhaps they are right. I feel if a person worked and paid into Social Security all their working lives, they are certainly entitled to draw it aftr they retire. No gray there, all black and white.


  3. Email from rauchy01 via —

    12:59 PM (32 minutes ago)

    to Creative Endeavors:

    While your comments will send the liberals (oops, I mean Progressives) into orbit, you really don’t go far enough. NY State has entire families that have never known anything but welfare. Other states are sure to follow, probably sooner rather than later. While I prefer to make people who are on the receiving end of our largess stop reproducing (if they cannot be responsible for themselves, they sure cann’t add more people to the problem) at the very least I want to see anyone capable of dong anything no matter how slight to have to earn their “entitlement”. Shovel snow, mow lawns, pick up litter, do clerical work, would all be things I would have recipients do for 40 hours a week so they could collect a check.

    Make them work and prevent them from procreating and in a generation or two the problem is solved. Taking await the right to vote would alter the legislation process also by elminating folks like Charles Schumer, Fancy Nancy, and Harry Reid


  4. I was just thinking along these lines this morning. There are a handful of people who really do need a lifting hand, but far more have gotten themselves into their own situations. Yes, banks made loans they shouldn’t have made but if you could barely afford the payments and had no savings perhaps you shouldn’t have bought that house? Common sense isn’t all that common sadly. Oh and those people who truly do need a helping hand aren’t begging for it. They are still out there earning it.

    You said it much better than I could – thank you for saying it.


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