Make A Wish

Here is your Christmas song …   Another Santa

Now let us take a moment today to stop and think about this.


When was the last time you made a wish?  In my case, it has been awhile, I really do not know the reason for it, but I evidently just stop making wishes a part of my daily routine.

When I was working, I would “Wish that I made more money” or that “Wish I had more time for my family instead of my job.”  Now that I am retired and more or less set in my ways, I find that the occasional wish for some intangible that I do not have, is at best, fleeting.

I just don’t do it anymore. It is no longer a precursor of good living … So I just stopped making wishes.

When we are young, we “wish that we were older” so that we might partake of all those things that we are prohibited from doing because we are too young.  We secretly wish to be out on our own, wish we were out of high-school, wish we did not have pimples and looked like a young Robert Redford.  We wish we had a car, a better looking girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other (you figure it out).

My wife used to say “I wish I had a candy-bar.” and I would quickly answer up, “Dog-gone it girl, don’t waste a wish on something so trivial as a candy-bar, I will BUY you a candy-bar, wish for a #3 washtub full of money, don’t blow a wish on a candy-bar!

You see … We do not actually know how many wishes in life we are granted per person, so it is a good idea, to make every wish count.  Do you know what the two biggest disappointments in life might be?

Wishing for something that you do not have.

Getting what you always wished for.

So I close my eyes dear reader, and I picture myself walking down a white sand beach somewhere in the warm inviting great places of our world, and I look down and low and behold, I spy a small ornate bejeweled bottle in the sand.  Leaning down I pick it up and gingerly pull on the cap, and the bottle opens and whoosh … a 100 ft Genie comes out of the bottle!

He looks down at me and says, “Oh thank you!  You have freed me from my prison that has encapsulated me for some eight-hundred years.  In gratitude, I will grant to you ONE WISH for anything in the world that you heart should so desire.”  So I think about it a little, then I look up at the Genie and I say to him … “What the hell?  How come I don’t get THREE WISHES like all them other guys in those Genie jokes?

December is slowly coming out of the gate and moving on down the pike.  Soon we will all be sitting around contemplating the new year and doing what?  We will be Making New Year’s Resolutions, which in fact, are simply the adult version of wishing for something that you do not have.  Might consider your allotment of wishes in life at this time, and make sure, dead sure, you wish for something really swell.  After all, this might be your last wish and you sure don’t want to blow it on a pair of fur lined house slippers or an electric dog washer.

Think about it  … What do you wish for?  Here is another one to contemplate while we are at it.  In the hit television show in the seventies, “I Dream Of Jeannie,” how come we never got to see her belly-button?

I have to go now, I am late for therapy.


* I wrote this on Saturday morning, had it wrapped and in the can at 9AM, it was supposed to go up on Monday.  But this morning, as it is my habit, I was reading Fresh Pressed and there it was, a post about making a wish.  So I am running it today.  Here is another take on making a wish, if you are so inclined.  Becoming Cliche

I will find Y’all something else for Monday.


2 thoughts on “Make A Wish

  1. Well written. I think if a huge Genie popped out of anything I would scream and scram. lol
    I sat down Saturday morning, and I got to thinking about New Year’s Resolutions (of all things) and that is where it came from. How it is that every year we secretly wish for a host of things, and usually end up with mostly nothing, but a list of empty promises.

    I had originally planned to run it Monday morning and this morning found something similar to it Fresh Pressed so I thought I would hang it up now, didn’t want to look like I was copying someone else (there are no NEW ideas anyway) so I posted it. From a personal standpoint, it was a hoot to write, I found myself cracking up several times and Cup Cake she liked it and believe me, she is very critical of my style and sense of humor (she says I do not have one).

    I just don’t understand that Fresh Pressed thing. This person has a few posts, has only been at it less than a year (8 months) and is now freshly pressed. Just defies logic, I don’t know what they use for a guideline, but it is beyond me.

    Even says it their-selves: “Blogs are unique and they shouldn’t be treated like every other page on the internet. There are more than 50,000 WordPress-powered blogs coming online every day, and every time I explore them randomly I’m always surprised and delighted by how people are using the platform to express themselves.”

    Maybe they should just get rid of Fresh Pressed altogether if they are going to run it the way that they do … which is basically hap-hazard and hit or miss most of the time.

    Tomorrow will be “Free Stuff” I am telling you now in case someone has something freshly whatevered on it in the morning ….. hahahahahahaha.




  2. Have you heard that country song, “You’re Gonna Miss This”? Boy that song hits the nail on the head! My wishes these days, my true wishes, are easier to pin down. I wish for healthy and happiness for my family. But if I still have any “left-over” wishing power then I do wish that just watching work out videos worked as well as doing them.
    I am not familar with it (You’re gonna miss this) who is it recorded by? (Can you end a sentence like that? Maybe it should be “who recorded it?” or something like that). We need an official of the word police around here occasionally (believe that for sure), I often get it wrong more often than right.

    I know of You’re gonna miss me (Brooks N Dunn) but this one doesn’t ring a bell, and I am a big twanger.



  3. Thanks for the pingback!
    Good for you! I do it all the time, but I have to admit, you are the first one in months to actually respond and say thanks. Hoped it helped your traffic.



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