I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Time has been good to me, I have to admit. 

When I was but a young buck, early in my life, I found myself in Southeast Asia and 18,000 miles from home.  I would sit there and watch the sun go down, and Armed Forces Radio would play this song, over and over, it would echo in my mind.  I would often find myself wondering if I would even make it home and I would get sad, because I knew I would not be home for Christmas.  Instead of a Holiday Classic, it slowly morphed into some kind of personal dirge for me.  There was very little rejoicing if any at all.

Time has a way of mending the broken heart and over the years, the wounds have healed.  I now know that life has been good to me, and now many years later, I look back upon it and I have to feel fortunate in all respects.  I came home when a lot of guys did not, and for that, I am truly thankful. 

Now when I hear this song, I am no longer sad, but on the contrary, I kind of celebrate deep down in my soul all the wonderful moments in time that have been granted to me in this life … I bow my head … and allow my tired old heart to smile.

For me this season … Life is good.


3 thoughts on “I’ll Be Home For Christmas

  1. I think of the homeless people, the drifters, and those without family who walk this earth alone and I am humbled. I have had a good life, with family and a few good friends to help me along the way. Life is pretty, darned good!
    Yes it is. Remember a lot of them (the walking wounded) are doing it by choice, they would prefer to be in that condition. But all in all, I suppose it is as we see it.



  2. Well, first of all, thank you for having served your country. What a legacy that is.
    and secondly, thanks be to God for all our blessings!
    Great post as usual
    Yeppers, I am a fortunate pilgrim indeed. Things are looking up, I even hit two numbers on the lottery this weekend, didn’t get anything to go with them, but I did hit it.



  3. What a great reminder of how “lucky” we really are. I’m so glad you made it home and thank you for your service. It’s far too easy to forget the high price of Freedom.
    Just part of my life. A lot of people did far more and gave more, than myself.



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