Six Words – Christmas Song

If you were asked to, could you sum up your life in six words?

Think about it.

Six words.

There is a book on this subject, Not Quite What I Was Planning (Harper $16.95) that asks that very question.  The book is filled with six word phrases by the famous, and the not so famous, an interesting read.

Here are a few:

  • Joan Rivers, “Liars, hysterectomy didn’t improve sex life!”
  • Steven Colbert, “Well, I thought it was funny.”
  • Roy Blount, “Maybe you had to be there?”
  • There are countless examples in the book,
  • “Revenge is not living well.”
  • I wrote it all down somewhere?”
  • “Take a left turn, and then fly.”
  • On the playground, alone, 1970, today.”

I found it almost therapeutic in nature, a nice mull over on a cold winter day, lot cheaper than a couch session and a refill of Prozac.  Some of it is positive and with all things, some of it sad.  But it is still a good read, maybe something for the Christmas Wish List and that difficult person who you can never find the exact thing that is right.

Perhaps it is me, but I would rather fill my head with things of this nature, than to read the negative and the downtrodden thoughts of some idiot who has nothing better to do than poison pen every person on the net each day in some inane comments section.  It is stimulating and it gets me to thinking (often lifting me into a more positive frame of mind) about life.

What if today was your last day on earth?

Wouldn’t we tell our loved ones how much we really loved them, even though most of us rarely seem to get around to doing just that anymore.  In this age of super, instant communication, we still find ourselves distant and removed.

Wouldn’t we attempt to do something to make sure that we left the earth a better place than when we arrived?  If today was our last day, were there some items on the agenda that might help out someone that is less fortunate than you, that you might accomplish now?  Like maybe, giving away all of your remaining food to someone who was hungry?

On your last day …  Six little words.

 “Outcast … Picked last  …  Surprised them all.”


Here is your Christmas Song

(click on the link)

As the church lady on SNL would say … Because You Are So Special.

2 thoughts on “Six Words – Christmas Song

  1. my six words to you would be: “You entertain, inspire, make me laugh!”
    We try and in the end, the final tally, that is all that matters.




  2. Now that is another book I need to read! Great, inspiring post this morning sir. I have been tryihg, very hard, to think along those lines a little more often lately. If I can’t spread positivity then I try to make others laugh at my negativity.

    One thing I try very hard to ALWAYS do, is tell my husband and daughter I love them before they go out the door (or before I do). If for some horrific reason that was the last time we saw each other . . . well, life might be a little easier having heard those words.
    An admirable trait, telling those close to us, how much they mean to us. It is very important and none of us, know our allotted time on this planet.



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