Life is good.  (Always like to start on a positive note, you never know where one of these might go later on?  Take last night for instance, I dreamed I was Fresh Pressed but later on it turned out that I had my underwear on backwards!)  Maybe it is me, but I just dig the Coke Santa Klaus the most, might be because I am old school or something.  But that image is my favorite of the big old round robust fantasy or make-believe-legend of the season.

How do you tell if you are old school?  You truly appreciate something like this.

I could watch stuff like that all day long.  You know that is when they made “music:” not this crap we have today.  47 years later and they are singing and IT SOUNDS EXACTLY THE SAME now that my friends, is music.

Big display of cold remedies over at ChinaMart this morning, thankfully, no one has been sick here at our place.  Last year was a pretty good year too, so your mother was right boys & girls …. “GET IN THERE AND WASH YOUR HANDS!” … It pays off.  So no NyQuil this year, and no sniffles, around here we call Nyquil a “Baptist Six Pack”  …

And yes … It is still Christmas Week! 

For all of you that are coming to the party a little bit late, here is an update.

Christmas Week here at Creative Endeavors, each day a different rendition of your favorite Christmas song …. And as is our practice and when practical, we will include “absolutely free” the lyric’s of each song.  Today an added bonus of “romantic sleigh ride” video at the end of lyrics.  Christmas Week At Creative Endeavors … From now until Christmas Day 2011.

Tell all your friends and most importantly …. Enjoy.

Flu Ride

(Parody of Seigh Ride)
Just hear those noses snifflin’
Sore throats ticklin’ too
Come on it’s lousy weather
To be sufferin’ inside with the flu
Outside the snow is fallin’
Your fever’s at 102
Let’s take some Alka-Seltzer
And a box of antihistamines too
We’ll bring some Kleenex with us
And sing a chorus or two
Let’s let my red nose lead us
In a sleigh ride in spite of the flu

Hack it up hack it up fling it up let’s go
Phlegm chunks in the snow
We’re coughing up a yellow and green rainbow
Cough it up cough it up cough it up oh man
There’s some on my hand

My glands are puffed and swollen
And every hour I pee
My throat’s as rough as leather
And raspy as it can be

Let’s take some Kleenex with us
And sing a carol or two
We’ll make our noses redder
On the sleigh ride
To go with the flu

My kid came home from preschool with a cough today
He’ll infect the whole darn neighborhood in about a day
Well be calling in sick to work until the diarrhea stops
At the pharmacy we’ll get lots more pills to pop
Pop pop pop

I took every medication I can legally buy
For coughing sneezing sniffling and the watery eyes
I’ll be gettin’ real drunk on NyQuil
I’ll take Contac ‘till I’m high
This wonderful buzz is great
But I’m glad I don’t have to drive

Just hear those noses snifflin’
Sore throats ticklin’ too
Come on it’s lousy weather
To be sufferin’ inside with the flu

Outside the snow is fallin’
Your fever’s at 102
Come on it’s lousy weather
For a flu ride together with you

As I have been good … and not naughty … but nice, I am ready for my elf to bring me my gift … Bring it on! 

Man I just love this Christmas Stuff! 



Thanks to KZOK 102.5 FM and to Art, our correspondent in Reno, Nevada.

3 thoughts on “Falla-llal-lah

  1. You always seem to save the best, for last! I think even Santa and “old school” would approve of your “elf”… but surely not the Baptist’s, unless of course, you gave them a few swigs of Nyquil! Shame on me. Right there I probably got a black mark and have been transferred to the naughty list.
    I try. It would be nice, to have your own personal Santa representative under the tree or next to the tree or behind the tree on Christmas morning.

    You better watch out .. You better watch out …. Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu better watch out.



  2. NyQuil and Robitussin – a Baptist’s liquor cabinet! (I can say that since I am a confirmed, backslidden Baptist)
    Anything, when used in moderation, is my take on it. That is about the extent of it all as far as I am concerned.



  3. What a wonderful post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much. You have an amazing blog here.



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